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09 June 2022
Seminar: Rituals, Festivals and Claims to Urban Spaces in Nigeria
Speaker: Dr Onyekachi Nnabuihe

31 May 2022
Seminar: Fleeting Commitments or Can the Museum be Decolonised?
Speaker: Prof. Wayne Modest

24 May 2022
ASCL Seminar: 'Christianity is now your tribe': Mission, Education, and Ethnicity in Colonial South Sudan
Speaker: Prof. Christopher Tounsel (Pennsylvania State University)

07 April 2022
ASCL Seminar: Subaltern Metropolitan Adventure and Colonial Mediation in Nigeria
Speaker: Prof. Moses Ochonu, Vanderbilt University

22 March 2022
CRG Seminar: Teaching a more-than-human-sentience approach in African Studies through ‘wild pedagogies’
Speaker: Dr Vanessa Wijngaarden (University of Johannesburg)

24 February 2022
ASCL Seminar: Roadblock Politics - Predation and Resistance in Central Africa
Speaker: Dr Peer Schouten (Danish Institute for International Studies)