ASCL Community

The ASCL Community is a network of specialists from academia, the media, the arts, NGOs, business and/or policy making with a focus on or interest in Africa. Membership is free. There are four different types of members depending on a person’s involvement with Africa. Become a member.

Membership categories
Fellow: you have a PhD, you are an academic researcher (in a university or other setting), you have published at least three refereed publications on Africa in the last five years and you have a link with at least one knowledge institute in the Netherlands. N.B. The ASCL’s Executive Board reviews all requests from researchers who wish to be Fellows of the ASCL Community.

Honorary Fellow (invitation only): you have a PhD and/or you are/have been professor. You are currently retired. You are Africanist (Sub Saharan and/or North Africa). You have had substantial input in knowledge on Africa through publications, PhD supervision, etc.

Affiliate: you are working on a PhD on a topic related to African Studies or you are/will be a Research Masters student and are affiliated to a Dutch academic institution.

Associate: you do not fit into any of the other categories but would like to be a recognised member of the ASCL Community.

What does the ASCL expect from you?

We want members to participate actively in the Community. This could be by collaborating in a research project, attending our events, informing us about your new publications (our library always likes to have a copy!), helping to organize events, and sharing your expertise. Your assistance might also be requested in attempts to access research funding. Unless you indicate otherwise on the registration form, your email address will be visible on our website.

What does the ASCL offer you in return?

You will become part of a dynamic network. You will be on the ASCL’s website with your own profile page, which we will ask you to update regularly. You will also receive our monthly newsletter. You will receive 50% off all our publications (on one book per title) and we can assist you if you have specific requests. Contact us at:

ASCL Community membership is free of charge. Members will not be paid a honorarium.

Applications for fellowship will first be reviewed by the ASCL Executive Board. There is no deadline for applications.