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24 May 2024
CRG Seminar: African Diaspora in Eastern Europe
Speaker: Dr Karina Simonson (Vilnius University)

02 May 2024
ASCL Seminar: The COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Africa's New Era of Austerity
Speaker: Prof. Toby Green (King's College London)

29 April 2024
CRG Seminar: Memory and history in contemporary and current Morocco
Speaker: Prof. Abdelaaziz Ettahiri

17 April 2024
CRG Seminar: Informal Governance of Resource Mobilisation in Technology Ventures in Africa
Speaker: Dr Onajomo Akemu (University of Amsterdam)

11 April 2024
POSTPONED: CRG Seminar: Forced displacement, silencing and the multiple faces of violence in Mozambique
Speaker: Zacarias Milisse Chambe (Rovuma University)

04 April 2024
ASCL Seminar: The Blue Values Journey to Research and Resilience in Coastal Africa
Speaker: Prof. Rose Boswell (Nelson Mandela University)

14 March 2024
CRG Seminar: A Question of Memory? The Biafran Struggle in Perspective
Speaker: Dr Ngozika Anthonia Obi-Ani

01 February 2024
ASCL Seminar: Plotting human-plant futures in Uganda
Speaker: Dr Sandra Calkins

17 January 2024
CRG Seminar: Harnessing the Dividends of Inclusive Cross-National Collaboration in Strategic Transport Projects
Speaker: Dr Taslim Alade (Erasmus University Rotterdam)