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14 September 2023
Violence, Liberalism, and the End of the British Empire
Speaker: Prof. Caroline Elkins

25 May 2023
ASCL Seminar: Legitimation as political practice: everyday authority in Tanzania and beyond
Speaker: Dr Kathy Dodworth (The University of Edinburgh)

20 April 2023
ASCL Seminar: Girls’ Education, Neoliberal Subjectivity, and Sacrifice in Niger
Speaker: Prof. Adeline Masquelier (Tulane University)

04 April 2023
Studium Generale: Afrika's internationale migratie
Speaker: Ton Dietz,
Speaker: Akinyinka Akinyoade

30 March 2023
ASCL Seminar: Border closures in East and Central Africa: asymmetry, severance, and disruption
Speaker: Dr Hugh Lamarque (The University of Edinburgh)

23 February 2023
ASCL Seminar: Ancestral livelihoods and moral universalism - Evidence from transhumant pastoralist societies
Speaker: Dr Etienne le Rossignol (University of Namur)

01 December 2022
Stephen Ellis Annual Lecture by Megan Vaughan: Africa in the time of Coronavirus - Biology, history and politics
Speaker: Prof. Megan Vaughan (University College London)

17 November 2022
CANCELLED: ASCL Seminar: Limits to Transnational Security Governance in the Sahel
Speaker: Dr Signe Marie Cold-Ravnkilde (Danish Institute for International Studies)