Web dossiers

Web dossiers were introduced by the ASCL documentation staff in 2001 as a new form of literature survey combining print material with electronic resources and web-based information.

The dossiers deal with topical issues in African Studies and are usually published to coincide with a conference or event or with recent developments in Africa. They appear on average three or four times a year.

A web dossier typically consists of an introduction to the subject, a selection of titles - both books and articles - from the collection of the ASCL Library and annotated links to electronic resources and relevant websites. Titles are linked directly to the corresponding records in the online catalogue, which provides abstracts and lending information.

All material included in the dossiers can either be borrowed or accessed in the library.

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book cover 'One Law, One Nation'On the occasion of the Stephen Ellis Annual Lecture by Prof. Muna Ndulo on Ethnicity, diversity, inclusivity and constitution making in Africa (17 November) the library has compiled a web dossier on African constitutions. It contains titles available in the library and published in the past six years. The dossier opens with a thematic introduction by Professor Nick Huls, Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Law, Leiden University, followed by an overview of constitutional texts. It concludes with links to relevant websites. Visit the web dossier!

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