African archives

Digitizing ancient documents (Timbuktu) by Carosaun, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia CommonsOn the occasion of the 2023 Stephen Ellis Annual Lecture on 7 December, the ASCL Library has created this web dossier on African archives.

This year’s lecture, entitled The Place of Archives in Modern African Studies: A Searchlight on the Patronage of National Archives of Nigeria, Ibadan, was given by Dr Mercy Ariomerebi Iroaganachi, University Librarian of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria.

The web dossier starts with a selection of titles on archives in Africa. Titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, providing  abstracts and full text links, where available. This is followed by a work-in-progress list of African archives which are available online. This list will be regularly updated.

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Selected titles - General | Selected titles - National archives | Selected titles - Personal archives | Selected titles - Inventories | List of online archives


African research and documentation : the journal of the African Studies Association of the UK and the Standing Commission [Conference] on Library Materials on Africa./ African Studies Association of the United Kingdom. and Standing Commission on Library Materials on Africa.
Birmingham : African Studies Association of the United Kingdom, 1973-2021.

Lost libraries, burnt archives/ Sindi-Leigh McBride and Julia Rensing. Cover_Somme_archivistique_d_Afrique_et_d_ailleurs
Cape Town : Michaelis Galleries, University of Cape Town, 2023.

Frontiers in African digital research : conference proceedings/ Anja R. Dreiser and Cyrus Samimi.
Bayreuth : Institute of African Studies, 2022.

A new chapter in Namibian history: reflections on archival research/ Tycho van der Hoog.
In: History in Africa, vol.49, p.389-414 (2022)

Sites of contestation : encounters with the Ernst and Ruth Dammann collection in the archives of the Basler Afrika bibliographien/ Julia Rensing, Lorena Rizzo and Wanda Rutishauser.
Basel : Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2021.

Somme archivistique issue d'Afrique et d'ailleurs : contribution à l'éveil de tous sur l'importance des mémoires documentaires/ Antonin Benoît Diouf.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2021.

Writings on African archives (London, Zell for Scolma, 1996): supplement 10: publications of the decade 2011 to 2020/ John McIlwaine.
In: African research and documentation : the journal of the African Studies Association of the UK and the Standing Commission [Conference] on Library Materials on Africa no. 139, p. 3-100 (2021)
For older publications see Writings on African archives/ John MacIlwaine, Anne Thurston, Pino Akotia and Justus Wamukoya. London [etc.] : Zell, 1996, and its supplements.

Preserving memory of African liberation through access to heritage archives : a preliminary survey of 9 countries in Southern Africa / UNESCO, SARDC.
Harare : UNESCO ; SARDC, 2020.

The Routledge international handbook of new digital practices in galleries, libraries, archives, museums and heritage sites/ Helen Lewi, Wally Smith, Dirk Vom Lehn and Steven Cooke.
Abingdon, Oxon // New York, NY : Routledge, 2020.

What's in the box? : archives, history skills and honours students/ Karen L. Harris and Ria Van der Merwe.
In: Yesterday & Today, no 23, pages 30-43 (2020)

Archives algériennes de la France coloniale : réflexion sur la valeur de l'administration communale/ Mehenni Akbal, Fouad Soufi, and Marie-France Blanquet.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2019.

Archival research in Africa/ Samuel Fury Childs Daly.
In: African affairs : the journal of the Royal African Society, vol. 116, no. 463, p. 311-320 (2017)

Displaced archives/ James Lowry.
London : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.

Les archives administratives dans les États africains : instruments de gouvernance et de souveraineté/ Albert Mban.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2017.

Archive (re)mix : vues d'Afrique/ Maë̈line Le Lay, Dominique Malaquais, Nadine Siegert.
Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2015.

Special issue : archival addresses: photographies, practices, positionalities/ Leora Farber.
Abingdon [etc.] : Routledge [etc.], 2015.

Suitcases, roads, and archives : writing the history of Africa after 1960/ Luise White.
In: History in Africa : a journal of method, vol. 42, p. 265-318 : ill (2015)

Trends, patterns, challenges and types of archival research in Sub-Saharan Africa/ Omwoyo Bosire Onyancha, Mpho Ngoepe and Jan Maluleka.
In: African journal of library, archives and information science, vol. 25, no. 2, p. 145-159 : graf., tab (2015)

African studies in the digital age : DisConnects?/ Terry Barringer, Marion Wallace and Jos Damen.
Leiden [etc.] : Brill, 2014.

Africa's archives in the age of web democracy/ African Studies Association.
In: History in Africa : a journal of method, vol. 41, p. 387-431 : ill (2014)

Patrimony, power and politics : selecting, constructing and preserving digital heritage content in South Africa and Africa/ Michelè Pickover.
[Place of creation not identified] : [Name of publisher not identified], 2014.

“Methodologies of engagement” : locating archives in postapartheid memory practices/ Anthea Patricia Josias.
Michigan : University of Michigan, 2013.

The production of history and culture in Africa revisted : problems, methods, sources/ Viera Pawliková-Vilhanová.
Bratislava : The Institute of Oriental Studies, 2013.

Les problèmes des archives en Afrique : à quand la solution?/ Albert Mban.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2007.

Refiguring the archive/ Carolyn Hamilton.
Dordrecht [etc.] : Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.

Archival appraisal and the future of historical research in southern Africa/ Patrick Ngulube.
In: South African historical journal, no. 45, p. 249-265 (2001)


National archives

BNARS : Botswana National Archives and Records Services : 50 years of preserving our past and securing our future./ Botswana National Archives and Records Services.
Gaborone, Botswana : BNARS, 2017.

Little research value : African estate records and colonial gaps in a post-colonial National Archive/ Ellen Ndeshi Namhila. Cover_Little_research_value
Basel : Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2017.

State of the archives : an analysis of South Africa's archival system, 2014/ University of Cape Town Archival Platform.
Rondebosch : Archival Platform, 2015.

Archives d'Afrique et communication pour le développement : plaidoyer pour une gestion responsable des archives en Afrique subsaharienne/ Boubakari Gansonre.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2012.

L'État et les archives au Cameroun : le cas des Archives nationales de Yaoundé2002: aperçu historique et état des lieux/ Sali Babani.
In: Journal of environment and culture, vol. 5, no. 2, p. 79-89 (2008)

An outline of the National Archives and Library of Ethiopia/ Katarzyna Hryćko.
In: Aethiopica : international journal of Ethiopian studies, vol. 10, p. 92-105 (2007)

The state of document deterioration in the National Archives of Ghana/ Harry Akussah.
In: African journal of library, archives and information science, vol. 16, no. 1, p. 1-8 : tab (2006)

Les Archives nationales du Gabon : déliquescence d'une institution documentaire/ Clotaire Messi Me Nang.
In: Afrique & histoire : revue internationale, no. 3, p. 157-164 (2005)

Report of the director of National Archives of Zimbabwe for the year 2002./ National Archives of Zimbabwe.
Harare : National Archives of Zimbabwe, 2002.

Archives in Nigeria: how to salvage the soul of the nation/ Gizachew Adamu.
In: Savanna : a journal of the environmental and social sciences, vol. 10, no. 2, p. 68-75 (1989)

Le Maroc dans les archives des Pays-Bas/ B.J. Slot.
In: Le Maroc et la Hollande : études sur l'histoire, la migration, la linguistique et la sémiologie de la culture / [éd. supervisée par Abdelmajid Kaddouri, Jilali Saib, Abdelmajid Zeggaf]. - Rabat : Université Mohammed V, Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines, p. 17-26 (1988)

A national archives in a developing country/ J.M. Karugila.
In: Tanzania notes and records : the journal of The Tanzania Society, no. 84/85, p. 117-121 (1980)

Guide to Federal archives relating to Africa/ Aloha South and Michael Sims.
[Waltham, Mass : African Studies Association, 1977.


Personal archives

The ASCL library collection also comprises a small but steadily growing archival section, for a complete overview see Below are the personal archives available in the ASCL catalogue, in alphabetical order.

[Malawi archive]/ F. von Benda-Beckmann. Archiefstukken_Hofstra
[S.l.] : author, [ca. 1967].

[Deborah Bryceson food insecurity and the social division of labour/food marketing documents (1979-1987)]/ compiler : Deborah Fahy Bryceson.
, [ca. 1979-1987].

[Archivalia]/ Rob Buijtenhuijs.
[S..l] : author, 199-.

[Tchad]/ Rob Buijtenhuijs.
[S.l.] : author, [ca. 1977-1986].

[Peasant wars]/ Rob Buijtenhuijs.
[S.l.] : author, [ca. 1974-2004].

Certificaat deelname Conférence nationale souveraine, naamplaatje met foto, 4 singles met muziek uit Kenya, 4 vellen handgeschreven tekst, 7 foto's/ Rob Buijtenhuijs and Conférence nationale souveraine (Tchad).
[S..l : s.n.], 199-.

[Wetenschappelijke publicaties 1996-2008]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1996-2008.

[Voordrachten 1995-2008]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1995-2008.

[Reisverslagen & niet nader gepubliceerd materiaal]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1982-2007.

[Country study Senegal : Ziguinchor]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1981-2008.

[Voordrachten 1981-1995]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1981-1995.

[Reviews - Populair wetenschappelijke publicaties - Besprekingen van eigen publicaties - Interviews]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1975-2008.

[Wetenschappelijke publicaties 1975-1995]/ Gerti Hesseling.
[S.l. : s.n.], 1975-1995.

[Mende archief]/ Sjoerd Hofstra.
[S.l.] : author, [ca. 1934-1936].

[Papers of Johan ‘Hans’ Frederik Holleman, Director of the African Studies Centre]/ J.F. Holleman.
[S.l. : Author], 1945-1993.

[Papers of Frederik (‘Frits’) David Holleman, Professor at Stellenbosch University]/ F.D. Holleman.
[S.l. : Author], 1939-1957.

[Papers of Petrus Johannes Idenburg, Director of the Afrika-Studiecentrum, Leiden]/ P. J. (Petrus Johannes) Idenburg.
[Leiden]. : [P.J. Idenburg], 1937-1961.

[Educational materials Nigeria 1970-1973]/ Aart Rietveld.
[S.l.] : Author, [ca. 1970-1973].

[Ulrica ‘Juul’ Rijnsdorp (1929-2004) : legal pluralism and family law in Sierra Leone (1971-1973)]/ compiler : Ulrica Rijnsdorp.
[Leiden] : [Ulrica Rijnsdorp], [1971-1973].

[Georges Smets : research in Rwanda-Burundi, 1935]/ compiler : Georges Smets.
[Leiden] : [Georges Smets], [1935].

[Albert Trouwborst : Rwanda-Burundi]/ compiler : Albert Trouwborst.
[Leiden] : [Albert Trouwborst], [1958-1959].

[Frans J. Verstraelen (and Gerdien Verstraelen-Gilhuis) : African Missiology)]/ compiler : F. J.Verstraelen.
[Leiden] : [Frans J. Verstraelen], [1965-1990s].



Finding Dr. Livingstone : a history in documents from the Henry Morton Stanley Archives/ Mathilde Leduc-Grimaldi and James L. Newman (eds.). Cover_Belgique_Congo_Rwanda_et_Burundi
Athens : Ohio University Press, 2022.

Belgique, Congo, Rwanda et Burundi : guide des sources de l’histoire de la colonisation (19e-20e siècle): vers un patrimoine mieux partagé/ Pierre-Alain Tallier, Marie Van Eeckenrode and Patricia van Schuylenbergh.
Tervuren : Brepols Publishers, 2021.

Archives and collections for/in Ethiopian studies/ Sophia Thubauville and Sayo Yoshida.
London : SCOLMA, 2019.

Aperçu sur l'histoire des archives de l'Algérie/ ʻAbd al-Qādir Hanī.
Oran : Dar Elqods El Arabi, 2017.

Native estates : records of mobility across colonial boundaries/ Ellen Ndeshi Namhila.
Basel : Basler Afrika Bibliographien, 2017.

Histoire et archives de Djibouti et de sa région : perspectives et enjeux/ Hassan Ali Adawa (ed.).
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2016.

Archives du secrétariat général des Affaires africaines et malgaches et de la Communauté/ Pascal Geneste, Jean-Pierre Bat and Benoît Morant.
Pierrefitte-sur-Seine : Archives nationales, 2015.

Guide des archives du Sénégal colonial/ Papa Momar Diop.
Paris : L'Harmattan, 2011.

Guide des sources de la traite négrière, de l'esclavage et de leurs abolitions/ Claire Sibille.
Paris : La Documentation française, 2007.

Manuscript tradition in Africa : the Arabic and Ajami manuscripts at the Institute of African Studies/ Seyni Moumouni.
In: Research review, n.s., vol. 23, no. 1, p. 15-25 : foto's (2007)

Sources for the mutual history of Ghana and the Netherlands : an annotated guide to the Dutch archives relating to Ghana and West Africa in the Nationaal Archief, 1593-1960s/ MR Doortmont and J Smit.
Leiden [etc.] : Brill, 2007.

Guide to the ELCT Northern Diocese Archive in Moshi, Tanzania 1906-1993/ Monika Rammelt.
Leipzig : Institut für Afrikanistik, 2005.

Inventory of the Henry M. Stanley Archives/ Peter Daerden and Maurits Wynants.
Tervuren : Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale, 2005.

Afrika bis 1990 in den Archiven der neuen Bundesländer : eine erste Bestandaufnahme/ Birgit Niquice.
Leipzig : Institut für Afrikanistik, 2004.

A first guide to non-governmental archives in Zambia/ Marja Hinfelaar and Giacomo Macola.
Lusaka : National Archives of Zambia, 2004.

Guide to sources on sub-Maghreb Africa at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam/ Huub Sanders.
Amsterdam : International Institute of Social History, 2003.

Guide de bibliothèques à Paris et en régions dont les fonds présentent un intérêt pour la recherche sur l'Afrique/ Centre d'études africaines Bibliothèque (Paris).
Paris : Bibliothèque, Centre d'études africaines, 2002.

German records in the Zanzibar National Archives 1867-1914/ EF Meffert.
Zanzibar : Author, 1999.

A guide to the contents of the Kenya National Archives & Documentation Service/ Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service (Nairobi).
[Nairobi : Kenya National Archives and Documentation Service], 1995.

Inventaire de la bibliothèque ʿUmarienne de Ségou : (conservée à la Bibliothèque nationale, Paris)/ Nūr al-Dīn Ġālī, Sidi Mohamed Mahibou and Louis Brenner.
Paris : Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, 1985.

Inventaire des archives de la Tunisie : sous-série 2 H (1881-1960)/ Jean Nicot and Jeannine Duru.
Vincennes : Service Historique de l'Armée de Terre, 1985.

Catalogue des archives coloniales allemand[e]s du Cameroun/ Eldridge Mohammadou.
Tokyo : Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa ILCAA, 1978-.
In: African languages and ethnography

Inventaire des ressources du Nord du Cameroun, Afrique/ Donald H Fulton, United States Soil Conservation Service, Fonds d'aide et de coopération (France) and United States Agency for International Development.
[S.l.] : Soil Conservation Service, United States Department of Agriculture, 1978.

Survey of research materials in the National Archives of Ghana/ Raymond E Dumett.
Basel, Postfach 235 : Basler Afrika-Bibliographien // Schwäbisch Gmünd : Afrika-Verlag Der Kreis, 1974.
In: Mitteilungen der Basler Afrika Bibliographien

Das Deutsch-Ostafrika-Archiv : Inventar der Abteilung German Records im Nationalarchiv der Vereinigten Republik Tansania, Dar-es-Salaam/ Eckhart G Franz and Peter Carl Geißler.
Marburg : Archivschule, 1973.


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