ASCL Working Papers

Working papers can be considered as ‘work in progress’. The series is open to all Dutch africanists as well as African scholars affiliated to a Dutch academic institution. They are free of charge if they are for personal use; copies can be downloaded.

In the air tonight: satellite-based air quality data and inclusive development in Africa: a scoping review of the literature
M. Dekker; A. Kazimierczuk; R. Garland; D. Stein-Zweers; P. Levelt
(ASC working paper; Issue: 157, 2024)
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Modern transformation of rural livelihoods in Africa: the case of the Dodoma region, Tanzania
A. Kamanzi; K.S. Dede; L.J. de Haan
(ASC working paper; Issue: 154, 2023)
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Turkey in Africa: voyeurism,neo-Ottomanism and Islamic humanitarianism
M. Venkatachalam
(ASC working paper; Issue: 145, 2019)
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Never a rose without a prick : (Dutch) multinational companies and productive employment in the Kenyan flower sector
A. Kazimierczuk; P. Kamou; B. Kinuthia; C. Mukoko
(ASC working paper; Issue: 142, 2018)
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Destination Africa : the dynamics 1990-2015
A.J. Dietz
(ASC working paper; Issue: 141, 2018)
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Assessment of productive employment policies in Kenya
P. Kamou; B. Kinyanjui; A. Akinyoade; C. Mukoko
(ASC working paper; Issue: 140, 2018)
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Een pleidooi voor duurzame diplomatie
R. van Tulder; A.J. Dietz
(ASC working paper; Issue: 136, 2017)
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Between two worlds : a biography of Honorable chief Nana Obimpe of Ghana
S.A. Ntewusu
(ASC working paper; Issue: 132, 2016)
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Dangote Cement : an African success story?
A. Akinyoade; C.U. Uche
(ASC working paper; Issue: 131, 2016)
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Land grabbing and formalization in Africa : a critical inquiry
H. Stein; S. Cunningham
(ASC working paper; Issue: 124, 2015)
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The (ab)use of import duty waivers in Nigeria
N. Modebe; O. Okoro; C. Okoyeuzu; C.U. Uche
(ASC working paper; Issue: 113, 2014)
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Urban water interventions and livelihoods in low-income neighbourhoods in Kisumu, Kenya
D.W.J. Foeken; H. Ching Chung; T.N. Mutune; S.O. Owuor
(ASC working paper; Issue: 112, 2013)
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Coping with shocks in rural Ethiopia
M. Dekker; Z.Y. Debebe; A. Mebratie; R. Sparrow; D. Abebaw; G. Alemu; A.S. Bedi
(ASC working paper; Issue: 110, 2013)
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Water interventions for the urban poor : the case of Homa Bay, Kenya
D.W.J. Foeken
(ASC working paper; Issue: 107, 2012)
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Power analysis: a study of participation at the local level in Tanzania
A. Kamanzi; P. Rabé
(ASC working paper; Issue: 105, 2012)
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Enriching ethnographic studies with anchoring vignette methodology
A. Kamanzi
(ASC working paper; Issue: 103, 2012)
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The Nile connection : effects and meaning of the mobile phone in a (post)war economy in Karima, Khartoum and Juba, Sudan
M.E. de Bruijn; I. Brinkman; H. Bilal; P.T. Wani
(ASC working paper; Issue: 99, 2012)
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New mobilities and insecurities in Fulbe nomadic societies: a multi-country study in west-central Africa (Niger-Nigeria)
M.E. de Bruijn; O. Obono; A. Oumarou; D. Boureima
(ASC working paper; Issue: 96, 2011)
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A history of SNV from a Zambian perspective. 1965-2005
M. Hinfelaar
(ASC working paper; Issue: 95, 2011)
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La SNV au Cameroun: 1963-2005
I. Saïbou
(ASC working paper; Issue: 94, 2011)
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Legitimizing corruption in government : Security votes in Nigeria
O. Egbo; I. Nwakoby; J. Onwumere; C.U. Uche
(ASC working paper; Issue: 91, 2010)
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Bridging the gender divide: an experimental analysis of group formation in African villages
A. Barr; M. Dekker; M. Fafchamps
(ASC working paper; Issue: 87, 2009)
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The total Somali clan genealogy (second edition)
G.J. Abbink
(ASC working paper; Issue: 84, 2009)
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Risk sharing relations and enforcement mechanisms
A. Barr; M. Dekker; M. Fafchamps
(ASC working paper; Issue: 80, 2008)
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School farming and school feeding in Nakuru town, Kenya : practice and potential
D.W.J. Foeken; A.M. Mwangi
(ASC working paper; Issue: 76, 2007)
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Necrophilia and elite politics : the case of Nigeria
W. Adebanwi
(ASC working paper; Issue: 71, 2007)
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Divorced, separated and widowed female workers in rural Mozambique
J. Sender; C. Oya
(ASC working paper; Issue: 70, 2007)
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Development as modernity, modernity as development
L.S. Lushaba
(ASC working paper; Issue: 69, 2006)
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Africa and China: a strategic partnership?
J. van de Looy
(ASC working paper; Issue: 67, 2006)
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South Africa, NEPAD and the African Renaissance
A.E. Ezeoha; C.U. Uche
(ASC working paper; Issue: 64, 2005)
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Creating the black commercial farmers in South Africa
S.M. Kariuki
(ASC working paper; Issue: 56, 2004)
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Oil and the politics of revenue allocation in Nigeria
C.U. Uche; C.U. Uche
(ASC working paper; Issue: 54, 2004)
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A bibliography on Christianity in Ethiopia
G.J. Abbink
(ASC working paper; Issue: 52, 2003)
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Crop cultivation in Nakuru town, Kenya : practice and potential
D.W.J. Foeken; W. Klaver
(ASC working paper; Issue: 50, 2002)
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Urban farmers in Nakuru, Kenya
D.W.J. Foeken
(ASC working paper; Issue: 45, 2000)
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Female-headed households : their survival strategies in Tanzania
A. van Vuuren
(ASC working paper; Issue: 44, 2000)
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Cocoa farming and income diversification in south-western Nigeria
A.R. Mustapha
(ASC working paper; Issue: 42, 1999)
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The total Somali clan genealogy : a preliminary sketch
G.J. Abbink
(ASC working paper; Issue: 41, 1999)
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Agriculture and co-operative labour in Shixini, Transkei, South Africa
P. MacAllister
(ASC working paper; Issue: 33, 1999)
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Food consumption and nutrition in the Kenya Coast
W. Klaver; R.N.M. Mwadime
(ASC working paper; Issue: 31, 1998)
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Farming in the city of Nairobi
D.W.J. Foeken; A. Mboganie-Mwangi
(ASC working paper; Issue: 30, 1998)
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Working for the future: elite women's strategies in Brazzaville
P. Paravano
(ASC working paper; Issue: 23, 1997)
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Rural employment in Sub-Saharan Africa : a bibliography
N. Tellegen
(ASC working paper; Issue: 18, 1993)
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Democratiseringsprocessen in Afrika ten zuiden van de Sahara (1989-1992) : een literatuuroverzicht
R. Buijtenhuijs; E.A.M. Rijnierse
(ASC Working Paper; Issue: 17, 1993)
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Easing rural womens' working day in Sub-Saharan Africa
D.F. Bryceson
(ASC working paper; Issue: 16, 1993)
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Rural household transport in Africa: reducing the burden on women?
D.F. Bryceson; J. Howe
(ASC working paper; Issue: 15, 1993)
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The revolutionary potential of African peasantries : some tentative remarks
R. Buijtenhuijs
(ASC working paper; Issue: 14, 1991)
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La Parcelle du gendre comploteur : manières coutumières et modernes d'acquérir des droits sur la terre, a N'Zara (Nord-Togo)
E.A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal; E.A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal
(ASC working paper; Issue: 8, 1982)
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Produce marketing co-operatives in West Africa
C.A. Muntjewerff
(ASC working paper; Issue: 7, 1982)
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Conciliation et la qualité des relations sociales chez les Anufòm du Nord-Togo en Afrique de l'Ouest
E.A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal; E.A.B. van Rouveroy van Nieuwaal
(ASC working paper; Issue: 4, 1981)
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Etat et langue en Afrique : esquisse d'une étude juridique comparative
G.S.C.M. Hesseling
(ASC working paper; Issue: 3, 1981)
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