Development as modernity, modernity as development

TitleDevelopment as modernity, modernity as development
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsL.S. Lushaba
Series titleASC working paper
Pagination - 51
Date Published2006///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre
Place PublishedLeiden
Publication Languageeng
KeywordsAfrica, development, modernization

Albeit the divergences on the debate about development in Africa, it is indubitable that the continent remains underdeveloped after five decades of development efforts. To understand this impasse, it is necessary to trace Africa's encounter with Europe to the period of early modernity. This paper first outlines the theory of modernity and Enlightenment. Next, it traces the genealogy of the idea of development as modernity and how the African development process gets entangled in it. Zeroing in on the current idea of late or hypermodernity, the author dismisses the idea that there is something new in the globalization-backed neoliberal development paradigm. He then addresses the complex question of how the impasse of modernity can be transcended, arguing that Africa needs to construct its own modernity, different from that of the West. [ASC Leiden abstract]

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