African Studies Collection

The African Studies Collection includes PhD dissertations rewritten for a broader audience, monographs, edited volumes, and high-quality master’s theses. Manuscripts offered for publication in this series are externally reviewed or they are assessed internally for quality. For more information about publishing in this series, contact Maaike Westra:

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Rural women's legal empowerment through digital technology
R. Okello
(African Studies Collection; Issue: 83, 2023)
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Human trafficking in Nigeria 1960-2020 : pattern, people, purpose and places
P. Aweto; F. Carchedi; A. Akinyoade
(African studies collection; Issue: 82, 2023)
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Where have the midwives gone?: everyday histories of Voetvroue in Johannesburg
T. Botes
(African studies collection; Issue: 81, 2022)
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Common threads : fabrics made-in-India for Africa
M. Venkatachalam; R. Modi; J. Salazar
(African studies collection; Issue: 76, 2020)
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Reimagining the dream : decolonising academia by putting the last first
N. Omarjee
(African Studies Collection; Issue: 72, 2018)
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Entrepreneurs by the grace of God : life and work of seamstresses in Bolgatanga, Ghana
M. van 't Wout
(African Studies Collection; Issue: 68, 2018)
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Performing asylum : theatre of testimony in South Africa
P. Maedza
(African Studies Collection; Issue: 66, 2017)
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Cyclone resilient landscape "the case of Vatomandry, Madagascar
E. Bergstra; R. Hornman
(African Studies Collection; Issue: 65, 2017)
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Monument of nature? : an ethnography of the World Heritage of Mt. Kenya
M. van den Akker
(African studies collection; Issue: 63, 2016)
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Philosophic sagacity and intercultural philosophy : beyond Henry Odera Oruka
P.M. Mosima
(African studies collection; Issue: 62, 2016)
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Sharing scarcity : land access and social relations in Southeast Rwanda
M. Leegwater
(African studies collection; Issue: 60, 2015)
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Contesting control : land and forest in the struggle for Loita Maasai self-government in Kenya
A. Kronenburg Garcia
(African studies collection; Issue: 58, 2015)
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Farmers on the move : mobility, access to land and conflict in Central and South Mali
C.T. Nijenhuis
(African studies collection; Issue: 55, 2013)
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Dwelling in tourism: power and myth amongst Bushmen in Southern Africa
S.P. Koot
(African studies collection; Issue: 54, 2013)
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Improving health insurance coverage in Ghana: a case study
A.M. Kotoh
(African studies collection; Issue: 51, 2013)
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Safety in the midst of stigma: experiencing HIV/AIDS in two Ghanaian communities
B.A. Kwansa
(African studies collection; Issue: 49, 2013)
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The diverging South : comparing the cashew sectors of Tanzania and Vietnam
B. Kilama
(African studies collection; Issue: 48, 2013)
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Spaces of insecurity : human agency in violent conflicts in Kenya
K. Witsenburg; A.F.M. Zaal
(African studies collection; Issue: 45, 2012)
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Big Men playing football : money, politics and foul play in the African game
A. Pannenborg
(African studies collection; Issue: 43, 2012)
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Beyond the façade : instrumentalisation of the Zambian health sector
M. Leenstra
(African studies collection; Issue: 39, 2012)
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Being old in times of AIDS: aging, caring and relating in northwest Tanzania
J. de Klerk
(African studies collection; Issue: 37, 2011)
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The Boipatong massacre and South Africa's democratic transition
J.G.R. Simpson
(African studies collection; Issue: 35, 2011)
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The Dagara farmer at home and away : migration, environment and development in Ghana
K.van der Geest
(African studies collection; Issue: 33, 2011)
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Participation for local development : the reality of decentralisation in Tanzania
H.A. Mollel
(African studies collection; Issue: 29, 2010)
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Researching Africa : Explorations of everyday African encounters
M.E. de Bruijn; D. Merolla
(African studies collection; Issue: 26, 2010)
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Wartime children's suffering and quests for therapy in northern Uganda
G. Akello
(African studies collection; Issue: 25, 2010)
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Bodies in action: culture and body skills in post-conflict Sierra Leone
A. van der Niet
(African studies collection; Issue: 24, 2010)
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Ghanaian nurses at a crossroads : managing expectations on a medical ward
C. Böhmig
(African studies collection; Issue: 23, 2010)
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Coping with cancer and adversity : hospital ethnography in Kenya
B.A. Mulemi
(African studies collection; Issue: 22, 2010)
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Advances in coastal ecology : people, processes and ecosystems in Kenya
J.C. Hoorweg; N. Muthiga
(African studies collection; Issue: 20, 2009)
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Pastoralistes et la ville au Bénin: Livelihoods en questionnement
T. Djedjebi
(African studies collection; Issue: 17, 2009)
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Making decentralization work for women in Uganda
A. Lakwo
(African studies collection; Issue: 16, 2009)
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Poverty and inequality in urban Sudan. Policies, institutions and governance
M.A. Abdalla
(African studies collection; Issue: 13, 2008)
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Dilemmas of development : conflicts of interest and their resolutions in modernizing Africa
G.J. Abbink; A. van Dokkum
(African studies collection; Issue: 12, 2008)
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Tied to migrants : transnational influences on the economy of Accra, Ghana
L. Smith
(African studies collection; Issue: 5, 2007)
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World and experiences of AIDS orphans in north central Namibia
M. van der Brug
(African studies collection; Issue: 1, 2007)
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