Divorced, separated and widowed female workers in rural Mozambique

TitleDivorced, separated and widowed female workers in rural Mozambique
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsJ. Sender, and C. Oya
Series titleASC working paper
Pagination - 34
Date Published2007///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre
Place PublishedLeiden
Publication Languageeng
Keywordslabour market, Mozambique, rural areas, single women, women workers

Compared to other rural women, a high proportion of female wageworkers in rural Mozambique are divorced, separated or widowed. The paper explores the factors underlying this difference and establishes a significant relationship between labour market participation and female divorce or widowhood. The association is likely to work in both directions. Moreover, contrastive exploration suggests that divorced/separated women differ from non-divorced women in many other important respects: They tend to get access to better jobs; also, divorced and separated mothers are remarkably good at investing in their daughters' education compared to other mothers and to male respondents. The paper concludes by stressing the limits of regression techniques in teasing out causation and the interactions between variables, and by suggesting that policies to increase female access to decently remunerated wage employment could make a substantial difference to the welfare of very poor rural women in Africa and their children. [ASC Leiden abstract]

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