Africa and China: a strategic partnership?

TitleAfrica and China: a strategic partnership?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJ. van de Looy, and L.J. de Haan
Secondary TitleStrategic Analysis
Pagination562 - 575
Date Published2006///
Publication Languageeng

Relations between Africa and China have increased over the years and become more dominated by China's economic interests. With an annual growth rate of 8-9 per cent, and a booming economy, China's dependency on accessing natural resources is a top priority and has accordingly expanded its horizons. Africa, with all its seemingly unlimited natural resources, is an ideal partner. In addition, the African continent as a whole offers a potential market for China's low-value manufactured commodities. This paper is an attempt to present an overview of contemporary Sino-African relations and the state of trade relations, with special emphasis on natural resources and the export market for Chinese products and investments in Africa

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