Afrika-Studiecentrum Series

The Afrika-Studiecentrum Series aims to present the best of African studies in the field of social sciences in the Netherlands. Publication in the series is open to all Dutch africanists and also to African scholars who are affiliated to a Dutch academic institution. The series is published by Brill Academic Publishers. Within this Afrika-Studiecentrum Series there is a special series focusing on South Africa in collaboration with SAVUSA (South Africa - VU University Amsterdam - Strategic Alliances).

The international editorial board of the general series consists of Emmanuel Akyeampong (Harvard University, USA), Akosua Adomako Ampofo (University of Ghana, Legon), Fatima Harrak (University of Mohammed V, Morocco), Francis Nyamnjoh (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Robert Ross (Leiden University, The Netherlands) and Chibuike Uche (African Studies Centre Leiden, The Netherlands). The series editors are: Lungisile Ntsebeza (University of Cape Town, South Africa) and Harry Wels (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, African Studies Centre Leiden, The Netherlands and University of the Western Cape, South Africa).

The international editorial board of the sub-series focusing on South Africa consists of Eddy van der Borght (VU University Amsterdam,The Netherlands), Sioux McKenna (Rhodes University, South Africa), Jan-Bart Gewald (African Studies Centre Leiden, The Netherlands), Darlene Miller (Wits University, South Africa) and Melissa Steyn (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa). The series editors of this sub-series are: Frans Kamsteeg (VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Marja Spierenburg (Leiden University,The Netherlands). For many years Bill Freund (1944-2020) served as a member of the editorial board of the sub-series focusing on South Africa.

A Liberian life: memoir of an academic and former minister of state for presidential affairs
D. Elwood Dunn
(Afrika-studiecentrum series; Issue: 41, 2022)

Democracy and electoral politics in Zambia
T. Banda; O.B. Kaaba; M. Hinfelaar; M. Ndulo
(Afrika-studiecentrum series; Issue: 40, 2020)
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Roads through Mwinilunga: a history of social change in Northwest Zambia
I. Pesa
(Afrika-Studiecentrum Series; Issue: 38, 2019)
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Crime, law and society in Nigeria : essays in honour of Stephen Ellis
R. Akinyele; A.J. Dietz
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 37, 2019)
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Voices of Zimbabwean orphans : a new vision for project management in Southern Africa
M. Dzirikure; G. Allen
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 33, 2014)
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Ordinary violence and social change in Africa
J. Bouju; M.E. de Bruijn
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 31, 2014)
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The objects of life in Central Africa : the history of consumption and social change, 1840-1980
R. Ross; M. Hinfelaar; I. Peša
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 30, 2013)
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Africa for sale? Positioning the state, land and society in foreign large-scale land acquisitions in Africa
S.J.T.M. Evers; C. Seagle; F. Krijtenburg
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 29, 2013)
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COSATU's contested legacy: South African trade unions in the second decade of democracy
S. Buhlungu; M. Tshoaedi
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 28, 2013)
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Access to information in Africa: law, culture and practice
F. Diallo; R. Calland
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 27, 2013)
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Worlds of human rights: the ambiguities of rights claiming in Africa
B. Derman; A. Hellum; K. Bergtora Sandvik
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 26, 2013)
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The yearning for relief : a history of the Sawaba movement in Niger
K. van Walraven
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 25, 2013)
Full text

Cultural tourism and identity : rethinking indigeneity
K.G. Tomaselli
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 24, 2012)
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Rural resistance in South Africa : the Mpondo Revolts after fifty years
T. Kepe; L. Ntsebeza
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 22, 2011)
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Living the end of empire: politics and society in late colonial Zambia
J.B. Gewald; M. Hinfelaar; G. Macola
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 21, 2011)
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Not just a victim: the child as catalyst and witness of contemporary Africa
S.J.T.M. Evers; C. Notermans; E. van Ommering
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 20, 2011)
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Artisanal fishers on the Kenyan coast : household livelihoods and marine resource management
J.C. Hoorweg; B. Wangila; A. Degen
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 14, 2009)
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The speed of change : motor vehicles and people in Africa, 1890-2000
J.B. Gewald; S. Luning; K. van Walraven
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 13, 2009)
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One Zambia, many histories : towards a history of post-colonial Zambia
J.B. Gewald; M. Hinfelaar; G. Macola
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 12, 2008)
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Livelihoods and landscapes : the people of Guquka and Koloni and their resources
P. Hebinck; P.C. Lent
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 9, 2007)
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Money and violence : financial self-help groups in a South African township
E. Bähre
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 8, 2007)
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"To subsidise my income" : urban farming in an East-African town
D.W.J. Foeken
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 7, 2006)
Full text

Competing jurisdictions : settling land claims in Africa
S.J.T.M. Evers; M. Spierenburg; H. Wels
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 6, 2005)
Full text

Democracy compromised : chiefs and the politics of the land in South Africa
L. Ntsebeza
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 5, 2005)
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The making of elite women : revolution and nation building in Eritrea
T.R. Müller
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 4, 2005)
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Strangers, spirits, and land reforms : conflicts about land in Dande, northern Zimbabwe
M. Spierenburg
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 3, 2004)
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Private wildlife conservation in Zimbabwe : joint ventures and reciprocity
H. Wels
(Afrika-Studiecentrum series; Issue: 2, 2003)
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