Books, Reports and Dissertations

This section contains a selection of open-access publications on the Kenya Coast: books, reports and dissertations varying in length from 40 to 400 pages. They primarily deal with issues of rural development and food security, such as farming and marketing, with a focus on food crops and horticulture; household livelihoods and particularly income diversification and food security; as well as household nutrition, food consumption and the nutritional status of children. The publications also include conference proceedings dealing with different aspects of coastal ecology and the management of marine resources. To date, most of the publications have been linked in some way to the African Studies Centre Leiden in terms of research budgets, personnel or publication costs but this section is open to publications from elsewhere too. Like the rest of this site, it should be considered as work-in-progress and more publications will be included in this section. Authors with possible contributions are invited to contact the editor at Publications are in enhanced PDF format which includes, among others, text recognition, smart page numbering, as wel as various bookmarks to improve the documents’ accessibility [5]

Advances in Coastal Ecology - 2003
- Hoorweg J. & Muthiga N. (eds)

Advances in Coastal Ecology - 2009
- Hoorweg J. & Muthiga N. (eds)

Artisanal Fishers on the Kenyan Coast
- Hoorweg J., Wangila B. & Degen A.

Conditions at Settlement Schemes
- Hoorweg J., Niemeijer R., Foeken D., Okello W. & Veerman W.

Dairy Development and Nutrition
- Leegwater P., Ngolo J. & Hoorweg J.

Food Consumption and Nutrition
- Klaver W. & Mwadime R.K.N.

Horticultural Production and Marketing
- Dijkstra T. & Magori T.D.

Malnutrition and the Home Environment
- Peters C. & Niemeijer R.

Nutrition Surveillance and Planning
- Owuor J.O. & Okello W.O.

Seasonality in the Coastal Lowlands, Part 1
- Hoorweg J., Kliest T. & Niemeijer R.

Seasonality in the Coastal Lowlands, Part 3
- Foeken D., Leegwater P., Niemeijer R., Veerman W. & Hoorweg J.

Seasonality in the Coastal Lowlands, Part 4-5
- Niemeijer R., Foeken D. & Klaver W.

Seasons and Nutrition
- Hoorweg J., Foeken D. & Klaver W.

Women's Projects
- Maas M. & Hekken N. van