The Coast Region of Kenya differs significantly from the rest of the country. Its geography, climate and history have resulted in unique political, religious and economic characteristics that still influence developments today. Too often, the region has been portrayed as backward and as having poor agricultural and economic prospects that are aggravated by negative climatic and cultural factors. Evidence to the contrary is often disregarded, while important mediating factors and finer distinctions tend to be ignored.
The topical reviews in this section examine the Kenya Coast from different angles: the economy and its resources; population and cultural characteristics; and its potential for development. The section comprises reviews by specialists that relate theoretical insights to development issues and that were originally published as chapters in the Kenya Coast Handbook [6]. The reviews are presented in enhanced PDF format. The aim is to update and/or revise the reviews in the near future. We are keen to include reviews of new topics and invite potential authors to contact the editor:


Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

Agriculture - Waaijenberg H.
Dairy Development - Leegwater P. & Hoorweg J.
Food Marketing - Dijkstra T.


Employment - Ikiara G.K.
Industrialization - Masai W.S.
Port Development - Hoyle B.
The Regional Economy - Meilink H.
Tourism - Sindiga I. †

Education & Religion

Education - Eisemon T.O. †
Religion - Sperling D.C.


Marine Resources - Aloo P.
Water Resources - Krhoda G.O.


Health & Nutrition

Food and Nutrition - Klaver W. & Mwadime R.
Health and Illness - Boerma J.T. & Bennett F.J.


Colonial History - Cooper F.
Contemporary Politics - Wolf Th.P.

Housing & Settlement

Housing - Macoloo G.C.
Land Settlement - Hoorweg J.


Gender Issues - Mitullah W.V.
Population Dynamics - Wakajummah J.O.
The Peoples - Middleton J. †
Urbanization - Obudho R.A.