Statistical Information

A great deal of statistical information on Kenya is available but data are usually limited to national figures, with a possible breakdown by county. For purposes of regional analysis in the case of the Coast Region, a breakdown of results by county/district is needed but such specifications are often missing. Time series of data are possibly even more difficult to compile because national surveys are often one-off exercises that were repeated, at best, only once or twice and at irregular intervals. If annual figures do exist, they were usually published in report form and these old reports are now scattered and finding back issues requires access to specialized libraries with historical collections.
The purpose of this section is to provide a collection of tables and maps on various social and economic topics pertaining to the Kenya Coast. The focus is on geography, the environment and natural resources, population, agriculture and animal husbandry, the economy, health and nutrition, education and religion, housing and settlements, and public administration. A number of tables present time series [8] with a breakdown by county/district [9]. Some tables provide data for incidental years only. More general characteristics, such as geographical features, are also covered.
The main sources consulted include the ten-yearly Population Census Reports [10], the annual Statistical Abstract [11] and the data compilation by Foeken & Owuor [12]. The aim is to update the existing materials regularly and to expand the number of topics. Please send suggestions to:

1. Geography

1.2. Land Area (Table)

2. Environment & Natural Resources

2.2. Annual Rainfall (Table)

3. Population

3.2. Population Density (Table)
3.5. Fertility Rate (Table)
3.7. Ethnic Composition (Table)
3.9. Migration (Table)

4. Agriculture & Animal Husbandry

4.2. Soil Fertility (Map)
4.3. Agricultural Land (Table)
4.4.3 Production Legumes (Table)
4.5. Livestock Number (Table)

5. Economy

5.2. Employment by Town (Table)
5.4. Hotel Bed-Nights (Table)
5.5. Catches of Seafish (Table)
5.7.1 Sea Cargo Mombasa (Table)
5.7.2 Air Freight Mombasa (Table)

6. Health & Nutrition

6.1. Sewage Disposal (Table)
6.2. Water Source (Table)

7. Education

7.1. School Age Children (Table)

8. Housing & Settlement

8.1. Household Units (Table)
8.3. Settlement Schemes (Table)
8.4. Household Assets (Table)

9. Public Administration