Manual and information sheets

The Kenya Coast Portal offers a compilation of materials from the social sciences and humanities consisting of four sections: Reviews, Bibliography, Statistical Information, and Open-Access Publications. The Kenya Coast Portal went on line in March 2015.

The focus is on the academic disciplines of anthropology, demography, economics, education, geography, history, languages, law, political science, religion, and sociology. For purposes of definition, the coastal region is taken to extend about 150 km inland from the Indian Ocean - Taita Taveta County, Kwale, Mombasa, Kilifi and Lamu and the lower part of Tana River.

The first part of this manual reviews the history and the status of the Kenya Coast Portal. The specifications of the Portal Framework and the Portal Contents are written out followed by suggestions for improvements, the planned activities, and possible editing assistance. The second part consists of a series of information sheets with detailed inventories of different sections, instructions for the compilation of materials and checklists for data presentation. Table 1 gives a listing of new entries and updates in the period March 2015 – July 2019. The Portal status as per July 2019 stands at 24 review chapters, 2313 bibliographic entries, 46 statistical entries and 24 open-access publications.