COVID-19 in Africa

The COVID-19 pandemic in Africa has, as in other parts of the world, an enormous impact on all aspects of life. A vast body of literature is developing on the COVID-19 outbreak in Africa and its social, economical, and political consequences.

This ‘growing’ web dossier consists of scientific publications on this subject. On the occasion of the NVAS Africa Day 2021 about 'Entrepreneurial responses to COVID-19 in Africa' on 16 October 2021, this dossier has been updated with an introduction by co-organiser Maud van Merrienboer. Also an extensive overview of relevant web resources has been included. Also see INCLUDE's extensive page on COVID-19 and its Equity in COVID-19 research programme.

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Germa Seuren, ASCL Library

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On 14 February 2020, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Egypt. Shortly after, the virus reached sub-Saharan Africa with a case reported in Nigeria at the end of February 2020. Within three months, the virus spread had throughout the continent. The true number of COVID-19 cases remains elusive due to suspected widespread underreporting, yet it has become clear that the mortality rate of the virus is relatively low in Africa compared to other continents. This is partially attributed to the young demographic and lack of long-term care facilities for the elderly. Vaccine uptake has been slow. Despite the African Union pronouncing that it had secured 300 million vaccine doses in January 2021, and the COVAX initiative to distribute vaccines to lower-income countries, only four per cent of the population is fully vaccinated in September 2021.

Naturally, the global pandemic has severely impacted all spheres of life in Africa. Many regions in Africa have been dealing with lengthy corona measures, such as lockdowns and market closure. In addition to social, psychological, and political consequences, African economies are hit hard, partly due to Africa’s reliance on the global supply chain and the drying up of external financial flows. Although the economic impact of the pandemic differs greatly both between and within countries, the pandemic and measures employed to contain its spread have taken their toll, whilst disparately impacting SME-dominant sectors such as tourism, trade, and services.

What role does entrepreneurship play in the post-COVID 19 era in Africa? The annual NVAS Africa Day aims to explore this question. Within the theme ‘Entrepreneurial Responses to COVID-19 in Africa’ scholars and practioners will come together on Saturday 16 October to discuss the role of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial support organizations (ESOs) in the aftermath of a global pandemic in Africa.

Whilst unemployment rates are rising and economic activity is expected to have a broad downturn due to an increase in risk on both the demand- and supply side, there are also signals that entrepreneurship has the potential to provide a way for society to recover from the crisis. Innovations in the realm of healthcare, education, and social protection have emerged across the continent. According to a WHO Africa study, 12.8 per cent of technologies developed globally in response to the pandemic are in Africa. Africa’s young demographic gives entrepreneurs an advantage in adopting new technologies and gives the continent a chance to leapfrog in terms of innovation.

The ASCL Web dossier 'COVID-19 in Africa' aims to document and share scientific publications and useful links pertaining to the global pandemic. Below you can find links pertaining to a wide area of subjects, including but not limited to entrepreneurship, and region-specific information on the impact of COVID-19. The web dossier will be regularly updated with additional relevant material.  

Maud van Merrienboer


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Northern Africa

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East and Northeast Africa

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South Sudan
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(Free access)

South Africa
Archive of kindness : [Stories of everyday heroism during the South African lockdown] / by Jess Auerbach, et al.
Gauteng : BK Publishing, 2021.

The Corona virus and migration governance in South Africa : business as usual? / Franzisca Zanker. Cover Kwaba_Mnyama_Kukhanya
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COVID‐19, economic growth and South African fiscal policy / Philippe Burger, Estian Calitz
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In: Journal of African elections, (2020) volume 19, number 2, pages 1-17. (Free access)

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In: Economic Anthropology (2021) (Free access)

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Duma says : let’s Live! Collector’s edition / Written and illustrated by Nathi Ngubane.
South Africa : Social Bandit Media, 2021. (Free access)

Economic and distributional impact of COVID‐19: evidence from macro‐micro modelling of the South African economy / Margaret Chitiga‐Mabugu, Martin Henseler, Ramos Mabugu, Hélène Maisonnave
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Entangled battlefields: challenges of precarity for womxn under COVID-19 / Hlengiwe Ndlovu
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In: African Journal of Social Work (2021), vol. 11, no. 4 (Free access)

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Harare: Ministry of Health and Child Care, 2020. (Free access)


ASCL Blog posts

Higher education and inequality in Ethiopia: the effects of COVID-19 Simone Reinders -  07 October 2020
COVID-19: will enough lessons be learned to re-balance this unbalanced universe? / Charmaine Williamson - 13 August 2020
COVID-19 in the Central African Republic: respecting Barriers Measures in a Multi-Crisis Context / Crépin Marius Mouguia - 22 July 2020
Better securing Africa's food supply after COVID-19 / Bruno Parmentier - 10 June 2020
Three ways to conduct historical research on Africa in times of Corona / Tycho van der Hoog - 08 June 2020
Frugal Innovation during the COVID-19 crisis: Examples from East Africa / Elsie Onsongo - 29 May 2020
Euro-African COVID-19 solidarity: the leadership / Ton Dietz. - 04 May 2020
COVID-19 and South Africa: dissonance between national and provincial strategies / Lungisile Ntsebeza - 29 April 2020
Cameroon’s Anglophones between a rock and a hard place during COVID-19 / Harrison Esam Awuh - 16 April 2020
COVID-19 and its implications for South Africa’s democracy / Lungisile Ntsebeza - 09 April 2020
Virus, curse or prophecy? African Pentecostals making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic / Tinashe Chimbidzikai - 07 April 2020
Corona in Ghana: a virus’ impact on society and academic life  / Samuel Aniegye Ntewusu - 30 March 2020
A virus’ journey: what does Corona teach us about Africa’s global connections? / Mayke Kaag - 23 March 2020


Web resources

Africa Center for Disease Control - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Latest updates on the COVID-19 crisis from Africa CDC. With the CDC Dashboard, links to Africa CDC Vaccination Portal, African Union COVID-19 Response Fund, and COVID-19 Africa Pool Procurement Portal, health advice, guidance documents, brochures, outbreak briefs, videos, news, and much more.

Africa Center for Strategic Studies - Topic in Focus - COVID-19 in Africa
The Africa Center for Strategic Studies has undertaken a series of analyses tracking the spread of  COVID-19 across Africa, examining key risk factors, urban landscapes, and vulnerable populations that shape the virus’s transmission as well as the social, political, and security implications for the continent. On this page links to infographics and spotlights are brought together.

Africa Geo Portal - COVID-19 Response
Page dedicated to COVID-19 on Africa Geo Portal, with links to numerous dashboards and other data sources, official and community-based.

African Arguments - COVID-19
Exploring the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Africa on health, the economy, politics, social issues, culture and more.

Milken Institute COVID-19 Africa Watch
A hub for information, analysis, and the global response to COVID-19’s impact on Africa.

Moleskin Foundation - COVID-campaign
Page on the Moleskin Foundation COVID-campaign, aiming to get information on COVID-19 available on Wikipedia in as many African languages as possible.

WHO Africa - Health Topics - Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Overview page for Africa of the WHO. With links to media briefings, multimedia, news, dashboards, travel advice, myth busters, and more.

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