Research collaboration

LeidenASA Visiting Fellowship Programma

The LeidenASA Visiting Fellowship Programme will not continue after 2019. From 2020 onwards, the regular ASCL visiting Fellowship Programme.

Former LeidenASA visiting fellows

Adam Mahamat
Aderonke Adegbite
Damilola Agbalajobi
Suleiman Chembea
Adeola Oloyede
Kofi Dorvlo
Zoë Goodman
Larissa Kojoué

Pedro Pombo
Titus Pacho
Joseph Zidi
Abel Ezeoha
Ongaye Orkaydo
Ivor Miller
Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe
Morie Kaneko
Luca Puddu
Jean Bruno Ngouflo

Samson Bezabeh
Walter Nkwi
Harriet Mpairwe
Rantimi Jays Julius-Adeoye
David Ratner
Djimet Seli
Mamoudou Sy
Kylie Thomas

Yu Qiu

LeidenASA Visiting PhD Programme

The LeidenASA Visiting PhD Programme will not continue after 2019.

Former LeidenASA visiting PhDs

Maryem Hamidi
Crepin Marius Mouguia
Joseph Mangarella
Mercy Adzo Klugah
Modibo Galy Cissé


Research leave for Leiden based Africanists

Approved proposals after the first call:

Sabine Luning: Mining and Water in West Africa.
Carolien Jacobs: Everyday Justice for Displaced in DRC Congo
Ksenia Robbe: Practices of counter-memory of the transition in South Africa

Approved proposals after the second call:

David Ehrhardt: Public service delivery and hybrid governance in Africa
Felix Ameka: Language practices as a key to understanding history and religion in Northern Ghana & Language use in communication in health and education in Ghana

Approved proposals after the third call:

Ingrid Samset: Explaining Variation in Violence after Civil War: A comparative analysis of Angola (2002-2009) and the DR Congo (2003-2010)
Meike de Goede: Politics of the past in the Central African region

Approved proposals after the fourth call:

Cristiana Strava: Urban Futures in North Africa: From Colonial Grand Schemes to Contemporary Mega-Projects
Peter Pels: Global Africa: Comparing Indigenous, Colonial, Exotic and Diasporic Desires