The Leiden African Studies Assembly (LeidenASA) is a network of Leiden based researchers with a focus on Africa that was set up a the end of 2015 for the purpose of:

  • Integrating the African Studies Centre in Leiden University.
  • Setting up a general Leiden University Africa policy.
  • Acting as a platform for cooperation between Africa specialists of Leiden University.
  • Developing a network with African knowledge institutes that will play an important role in research programmes and teaching exchange.
  • Linking Leiden based Africanists with Africanists in Delft and Rotterdam.

LeidenASA was supported financially by Leiden University from 2015-2019. LeidenASA in its original form concluded with Africa 2020, a year filled with Africanist events. Due to the Covid19 pandemic, many events were rescheduled to 2021 and 2022. From 2022 onwards, LeidenASA will continue to exist as a network of researchers with a focus on Africa. The current members of the steering committee are:
David Ehrhardt (chair)
Marleen Dekker
Ayokunu Adedokun
Akinyinka Akinyoade
Corinna Jentzsch
Jenneke van der Wal
Michiel Veldhuis
Cristiana Strava
Maria Yazdanbakhsh
Sarah Schrader

Overview of LeidenASA members (PDF).