The Leiden African Studies Assembly (LeidenASA) is a network of Leiden based Africanists that was set up for the purpose of:

  • Integrating the African Studies Centre in Leiden University.
  • Setting up a general Leiden University Africa policy.
  • Acting as a platform for cooperation between Africa specialists of Leiden University.
  • Developing a network with African knowledge institutes that will play an important role in research programmes and teaching exchange.
  • Linking Leiden based Africanists with Africanists in Delft and Rotterdam.

LeidenASA has a yearly budget for organizing and financing activities and events that promote cooperation between Leiden Africanists from different faculties and between Leiden University and universities and research institutes in Africa with which there is a standing MoU.
More information on the LeidenASA organization and (application) procedures can be found here.

Suggested activities are:
- (contributions to) seminars and conferences
- production of visual material
- development of teaching and fieldwork proposals (including SPOCs and MOOCs)
- research leave for Leiden based Africanists
- research project development and proposal development
visiting research fellowships for, preferably, African academics (postdoc)
- joint project development proposals

Once a year, a general meeting is organized for all members of LeidenASA.

If you are an employee of Leiden University or a PhD candidates, and your teaching and/or research involves the African continent and you would like to join LeidenASA please contact Maaike Westra. All (prospective) LeidenASA members are also cordially invited to become a member of the ASCL’s international network of Africa specialists, the ASCL Community.

At the beginning of 2018, an overview was made of the highlights of members of LeidenASA in 2016 and 2017. This overview can be found here.

The current overview of LeidenASA members can be found here.