Abel E. Ezeoha

Abel E. EzeohaI am a development economist affiliated to Ebonyi State University, Nigeria. Previously I have been an Andrew Mellon postdoctoral fellow (2010) and a Hobart Houghton senior research visiting fellow (2011) at the Department of Economics and Economic History, Rhodes University, South Africa. My research on Corporate Nationality and Competition for Corporate Finance in Africa won the 2009 CODESRIA Advance Research fellowship. I have published on a number of interesting development issues in Africa, including: Industrial Development Banking in Nigeria: A Forty-Year Failed Experiment; FDI Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa: The Impact of Finance, Institutions, and Natural Resource Endowment; and Financial Determinants of International Remittance Flows to the Sub-Saharan African Region. I am currently also the president of the Accounting and Finance Research Association – a scholarly organization that focuses on the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and research in accounting and finance in Africa. My  research interests include international capital flows, economic and financial reforms, and development banking in Africa. Specifically, my research at the ASC will focus on the institutionalization and legitimization challenges of regional development programmes in African, with special interest in NEPAD.

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Dr. A.E. (Abel) Ezeoha
Former visiting fellow
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Room number: 3A13