Abel E. Ezeoha

Abel E. EzeohaAbel Ezeoha holds parallel faculty positions in the Department of Economics and the Department of Banking & Finance at Ebonyi State University, Nigeria. Previously, he was a Visiting Fellow at the Africa Studies Centre-Leiden, the Netherlands (2015); an Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow and a Hobart Houghton Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Economics and Economic History, Rhodes University, South Africa (2010-2011); and a CODESRIA Advance Research Fellow (2009/2010). Between 2009 and 2012, he served as the Deputy Project Director - WHO funded Health Policy and Systems Research Project (HPSRP) at Ebonyi State University. He was the president of the Accounting and Finance Research Association – a scholarly organization that focuses on the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and research in accounting and finance in Africa. He has a forthcoming book titled: “Corporate Nationality & Financing in Africa: Context, Issues and Theories” (Cambridge Scholars). His major research interests include international capital flows, economic and financial reforms, and development banking in Africa.

At the ASC, Ezeoha will be collaborating with Dr. David Ehrhardt and Prof. Chibuike Uche to carry out a study on the tradeoff between the risks and the benefits of the whistle-blowing policy recently adopted as part of the Nigerian government’s war against corruption.

During his 2015 fellowship, Abel Ezeoha focused on the institutionalization and legitimization challenges of regional development programmes in African, with special interest in NEPAD.

His recent publications include:

Ezeoha, A. E. (2017), Corporate Finance in Africa: The Interactive Impact of Firm Nationality and Characteristics, Review of Development Economics, 21(3): 849–873

Ezeoha, A. E. and Uche, C. U. (2017), State Legitimacy and the Unending Crisis of Petrol Subsidy Reforms in Nigeria, Society and Natural Resources, 30(10): 1181-1196

Ezeoha, A. E. (2017), Comparative Determinants of Non-Performing Bank Loans – A Global Perspective, The Journal of Banking & Finance, 13(1):87-102

Ezeoha, A. and Ituma, A. (2017), An Institutional Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria in Entrepreneurship in Africa. In A. Akinyoade, T. Dietz, & C. U. Uche, “Entrepreneurship in Africa” (pp. 149-171), Leiden: BRILL Publishing.

Ezeoha, A.; Igwe, A.; Onyeke, C.; and Uche C. (2016), Relevance Lost? The Petroleum Equalization Fund in Nigeria, Energy for Sustainable Development, 31:152-162

Ezeoha, A. E. and Ugwu, O. J. (2015), Interactive Impact of Armed Conflicts on Foreign Direct Investments in Africa, African Development Review, 27(4): 456-468



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Dr. A.E. (Abel) Ezeoha
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