Mercy Adzo Klugah

Mercy Adzo Klugah is PhD candidate at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana and a LeidenASA visiting PhD fellow at the African Studies Centre, Leiden University, the Netherlands. She has Bachelor of Education in Arts and a Master of Philosophy in Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics from the University of Cape Coast, Ghana. Her research interest is in Language use in specific domains: language and Healthcare, Language History and Culture.

She is currently working on “People, Places and Identities: A Study of Asogli Ewe Landscape” for her PhD, where she explores Asogli traditional knowledge about landscape and its management as a contribution to the growing body of knowledge about cross-cultural variations in traditional environmental knowledge and management. The findings will augment data on cross-cultural knowledge about the environment and its management locally and globally. It will also offer the opportunity to compare such knowledge with western knowledge systems about the environment. This will help to development of an integrated model that pays attention to multiple practices of environmental management.

M.A. (Mercy) Klugah
Room number: 3A18