Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe

Nurit Hashimshony-YaffeNurit Hashimshony-Yaffe is a political scientist and senior lecturer at the Academic College of Tel Aviv Yaffe, Israel (School of Government and Society). Her research interest is primarily civil society - state relations in Africa. She holds her PhD (1998) on Nigerian Civil Society 1983-1992.

During the last years she researched community based local organisations in Africa and amongst Africans outside of Africa, explored into the lives of Eritreans and Sudanese asylum seekers in Israel, stressing the absence of state and the richness of their associational lives.

She conducted archival research on Cote d'Ivoire – Israel relations during the first years of independence, and is involved in an evaluation report "Education for Sustainable Development  programs : Israel and Kenya" to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MASHAV-Aid Agency). She is also MC member in COST Action- "Drylands Facing Change: Interdisciplinary research on Climate change, Food Insecurity and Political Instability " (chaired by Prof. Han Van Dijk).  

Alongside her academic work she recently participated with African Asylum Seekers community protest  in Israel.

Her current research is on Pokot (Kenya) community based organizations – continuity and change. While at the ASCL as a LeidenASA visiting fellow, she will work with Prof. Ton Dietz of the ASCL and Dr Frank de Zwart of Political Science, to complete the literature and historical research, plan her next field trip, and investigate the connections of urban- rural civil society in the Pokot case.

Recent  publications:

Hadas Yaron, John Campbell and Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe (2013). "'Infiltrators' or Refugees? An Analysis of Israel's Policy towards African Asylum-Seekers". International Migration. Vol. 51 (4) ; 144-157.

Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe, (2012)."The State and the Environment- A Dual Dynamic", Journal of Environmental Ethics and Values.  Vol. 2&3, November.

Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe, Assaf Meidany (2010). Public Space and public policy: the Case of The Israel Human Rights Commission in Hani Zubida and David Mekelberg eds., Democratic Arrangements in the New Public Sphere. Israeli Political Science Association, [Hebrew].

Chazan, Naomi, Nurit Hashimshony-Yaffe and Ella Keren (2002). The Emergence of the New African States- Colonialism and De colonization in Africa. Tel Aviv: The Open University [Hebrew].

Fellowship year: 
Dr. N. (Nurit) Hashimshony-Yaffe
Former visiting fellow