Africa in the world - Rethinking Africa’s global connections

The debate about Africa’s changing relations with the world has rapidly evolved over the past decade. The initial emphasis on China’s role in Africa has given way to a more diversified approach, acknowledging that other emerging global players have also become important. These not only challenge global power constellations, but also help to reconfigure power constellations and redistribute resources at the local and regional levels in Africa - with repercussions for the global level as well. There is a need, however, for a more in-depth reflection on what these new developments mean from the vantage point of Africa, to develop a perspective in which the agency of Africans in co-shaping the contemporary world is prominent, and to do so in historically informed ways. This Collaborative Research Group brings together scholars who aim to discuss their work from the point of view of Africa’s global connections and to contribute to some of the larger questions related to Africa’s changing position in the world.

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CRG Members

Rishuai Chen (ASCL)
Ton Dietz (ASCL)
Elsje Fourie (Maastricht University)
Jean-Frédéric De Hasques (Louvain-La-Neuve)
Tycho van der Hoog (ASCL)
Wiebe Nauta (Maastricht University)
Kershan Vikram Pancham (ASCL)
One Pusumane (University of Edinburgh)
Annachiara Raia (ASCL)
Germa Seuren (ASCL)
Alena Thiel (University of Bayreuth)
Chibuike U. Uche (ASCL)