Juul Kwaks

Juul Kwaks worked as a junior researcher on the project Pedagogies of Peace and Conflict in the Great Lakes region. The study aims to investigate how lessons on past conflict are (implicitly and explicitly) passed on within conflict-affected families from Rwanda, Burundi, and the DRC. The aim of the study is to increase the understanding of the role of ordinary people in (breaking) conflict cycles.

Juul’s earlier work focused on the long-term effects of displacement on social life in northern Uganda. For this study she conducted field work and collected life histories. These life histories and the accompanying analysis have been published as a book by the ASCL. Juul’s main goal in research is to focus on the microlevel effects of conflict, thereby centring human beings and all their intricacies. In addition to her work at the ASCL, Juul works as a lecturer at the Political Science department of Leiden University.

Juul holds a BA from University College Maastricht, an MSc in Political Science, and a research master's degree in African Studies.

J.M. (Juul) Kwaks
Former research staff