Stichting Afrika-Studiecentrum (SASC)

The Foundation African Studies Centre (in Dutch Stichting Afrika-Studiecentrum, SASC), is a continuation of the foundation that ceased to exist when the Centre integrated with Leiden University in 2016.

The SASC has two main goals:

a. to promote academic Africanist research and education, in particular in the field of the social sciences, humanities and law;
b. to promote dissemination of knowledge of African societies and cultures.

The SASC will try to reach their goals by:

a. supporting the ASCL and managing the library documentation that was collected until 1 January 2016 (currently on loan to the University Library);
b. promoting Africanist professors by special appointment at universities in the Netherlands;
c. promoting the societal involvement of the ASCL by facilitating the societal panel.

In general, the SASC board consists of three members. Currently, those members are:

Arie van der Wiel (chair)
Marina Diboma
Sabine Luning

Secretary: Maaike Westra

The SASC does not have financial means of its own.