Members of the Board of Governors

The ASCL's Board of Governors consists of the following members: 

Prof. Dr Mark Rutgers (chair), Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University
Prof. Dr Bart Barendregt, Vice Dean of Research, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Leiden University
Prof. Mr Dr Suzan Stoter, Dean Leiden Law School, Leiden University 

Stichting Afrika-Studiecentrum

The ‘Stichting Afrika-Studiecentrum’ (Foundation African Studies Centre) continues to exist as the owner of the books and journals collected by the ASC Library until January 2016 (which are leased to Leiden University, but will remain in the library of the ASCL). It is also closely involved in the activities of the Societal Advisory Panel for the ASCL. The members of the Board of that Foundation are Arie van der Wiel (chair), Marina Diboma and Sabine Luning.

Former Board members:

Ms B.E.A. Ambags, Former ambassador to Burkina Faso and Zimbabwe
Ms A.M.A. van Ardenne-van der Hoeven, Former Minister for Development Cooperation
Dr B.S.M. Berendsen († 11 Februari 2021), Former ambassador to Tanzania
Mr M.J. van den Berg, Former member of the European Parliament for the Social Democratic Party; former director Novib
Ms K.G. Ferrier, Politician and Former Member of Parliament representing the CDA party
Ms J. Groen, Journalist with De Volkskrant
Prof. Mr P.H. Kooijmans († 13 Februari 2013), Former International Court of Justice, The Hague; former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mr A. Lenstra, Former Vice President of Unilever
Ms Prof. (em.) Dr G. Lycklama à Nijeholt († 18 November 2014), Former Member of the Senate of the States General; former rector at the Institute of Social Studies
Ms M.M. Monteiro, Former Director Hivos; former director Personal Services Overseas, The Hague
Prof. Dr J.B. Opschoor, Former rector of the Institute of Social Studies
Mr. Ir. J.I.R. Roest, Former director of Vlisco BV
Prof. Dr A. de Ruijter, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tilburg
Ms E.M.A. Schmitz, Former judge, Zwolle Law Courts; former Deputy Minister of Justice and Mayor of Haarlem
Mr E.W. Wits, Former representative of Heineken for Africa, Amsterdam