Blogs about COVID-19 in Africa

ASCL researchers and members of the ASCL Community have started to write blogs about the spread of COVID-19 through Africa, and the impact of the pandemic. 

Simone Reinders wrote a blog on behalf of the Leiden-Edinburgh Research Group that focuses on inequalities in higher education in Africa. She asked two experts on higher education in Ethiopia: How have COVID-19 and the consequent shutdown of universities affected equity and inclusivity?

Community member Charmaine Williamson wrote about the survival of human and natural ecologies during and beyond COVID-19, wondering: Will enough lessons be learned to re-balance this unbalanced universe?

PhD candidate Crépin Marius Mouguia wrote about the impact of the pandemic in the Central African Republic - a country dealing with multiple crises.

ASCL researcher Lidewyde Berckmoes dealt with the uncertainty and rumours after Burundi president Nkurunziza died unexpectly, a death feeding rumours that he died of COVID-19.

Bruno Parmentier, a French engineer and economist specialising in agriculture and food security, wrote a guest blog about Better securing Africa's food supply after COVID-19.

In 'A "COVID revolution" in Africa?', written for the INCLUDE blog series, ASCL researcher Rahmane Idrissa highlights the ‘open letter to leaders over COVID-19’ written by African intellectuals, writers and academics, which is an appeal for better governance in Africa during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In his post, Tycho van der Hoog, PhD candidate at the ASCL, discussed three ways to conduct historical research on Africa in times of corona.

Ton Dietz wrote about Euro-African COVID-19 solidarity: the leadership, while Elsie Onsongo discussed Frugal Innovation during the COVID-19 crisis: Examples from East Africa.

Harrison Esam Awuh deals with the situation in Cameroon, where separatists fighting for the independence of the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon have imposed lockdowns in the region for over three years now.
Lungisile Ntsebeza (University of Cape Town) wrote a post about COVID-19 and its implications for South Africa’s democracy He wrote a second post in which he raises worrying questions about the ability of the Eastern Cape province to deal effectively with the pandemic against a backdrop of corruption allegations. 
PhD candidate Tinashe Chimbidzikai focused on African Pentecostals making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic
Samuel Aniegye Ntewusu, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, and member of the ASCL Community, blogged about the virus’ impact on society and academic life in Ghana; and ASCL researcher Rahmane Idrissa wrote a post for The New York Review of Books, Pandemic Journal. Dr Idrissa left the Netherlands at the end of February for Niger, to find himself stuck in the country ten days later. 
ASCL researcher Mayke Kaag kicked off the series with an article about what corona teaches us about Africa’s global connections.