Researching Africa : Explorations of everyday African encounters

TitleResearching Africa : Explorations of everyday African encounters
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2010
Series EditorM.E. de Bruijn, and D. Merolla
Series titleAfrican studies collection
Pagination - 167
Date Published2010///
PublisherAfrican Studies Centre
Place PublishedLeiden
Publication Languageeng
ISSN Number978-90-5448-096-91876-018X
KeywordsAfrican studies, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, East Africa, Mali, social life, social research, South Africa, Uganda

The studies in this volume are the result of research carried out by students of the Research Masters in African Studies (RMAS) at Leiden University who graduated in 2008. The studies cover such areas as conflict, democracy, migration, urban and rural studies, language, communication and youth. An introduction by Mirjam de Bruijn, RMAS director, and Daniela Merolla, RMAS academic coordinator from 2006-2009, is followed by eight contributions: Facilitating return: notions of conflict and peace in ending internal displacement in northern Uganda (Hilde Kroes); Political parties and intra-party democracy in East Afria: considerations for democratic consolidation (Josh Maiyo); How the youth of Soweto have turned language into a transformable object in the context of a changing society (Pierre Aycard); How linguistic features and social arrangements can interrelate: the position of Swahili and its speakers in Bujumbura [Burundi] (Lianne Belt); Peer groups and human anchorage: girl-migrants making it work in N'Djamena, Chad (Jonna Both); Recycling gifts: ritual and money in present-day 'tonw' in Bancoumana [Mali] (Esther Kühn); Negotiating insecurity through mobile telephony in Buea, Cameroon (Barbara Tah Gwanmesia); Challenges for ethnographic research in fragile situations: research among youth in post-war Burundi (Lidewyde H. Berckmoes). [ASC Leiden abstract]

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