Sebastiaan Soeters

Sebastiaan SoetersSebastiaan Soeters currently conducts research on urban developmental issues, with a special emphasis on urban food security. He currently leads the Nairobi case study in an EU funded project entitled Food Planning and Innovation for Sustainable Metropolitan Regions (FOODMETRES). FOODMETRES aims to model environmental and livelihood implications of urban food planning scenarios. He also works on pressures and incentives faced by peri-urban communities as a result of urban sprawl in northern Ghana. He is Ghana country coordinator for the ASC Community.

Sebastiaan Soeters holds a PhD (2012) from the University of Leiden. His PhD focussed on urban formation (institutional and socio-economic) during the colonial period in Ghana, focussing on Tamale, the regional capital of northern Ghana. Prior to his PhD research, he studied for a Bachelors degree in Economics and History at the University of Cape Town, and for a Masters degree in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.