Samuel Ntewusu

Samuel Ntewusu

Samuel Ntewusu holds a PhD in History from the Leiden University, The Netherlands, and an Mphil in African Studies from the University of Ghana. Since August 2011 Ntewusu has worked as Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. He is also the co-coordinator of the research programme Society and Change in Northern Ghana: Dagomba, Gonja, and the Regional Perspective on Ghanaian History. In this programme, the ASCL collaborates with the University of Ghana at Legon and the University for Development Studies in Tamale and Wa, Ghana, as well as the University of Groningen, in the development of new research and capacity building in the field of regional history.

Samuel Ntewusu is a 2016/2017 Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) visiting professor. 

S.A. Ntewusu (2012), Settling in and Holding on, a socio-historical study of Northern Traders and Transporters in Accra’s Tudu: 1908-2008, African Studies Centre, Leiden

S.A. Ntewusu (2014) Chieftaincy, Culture and Development in Africa: An undergraduate course book. Accra: Institute of Adult and Distance Education, University of Ghana.

Book Chapters and Encyclopedia entries  

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S. A. Ntewusu, (2014) ‘From ex-soldiers to traders and transporters: the case of the Gold Coast Hausa Constabulary: 1874-1942’ In ECAS 2013, 5th European Conference on African Studies “African Dynamics in Multipolar World”. Lisboa: CEI, .ISBN.978-989-732-364-5. p.212-232                                       

S.A. Ntewusu, (2013), ‘Kete Krachi under German Rule: 1894-1920’, In; Wazi Apoh, Bea Lundt (Eds), Germany and Its West African Colonies, ‘Excavations’ of German Colonialism in Post-Colonial Times, LIT, Berlin.

S.A. Ntewusu, (2013) ‘Hundred Years of Muslim Community in Accra: A Historical Study of Tudu from 1900-2000’. In’ P. Badru and B. Sackey, Islam in Africa South of the Sahara: Essays in Gender Relations and Political Reform, Scarecrow Press, Maryland.

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Journal Articles and Working Papers

S.A. Ntewusu, (2016) ‘Kwame Nkrumah and agricultural development in Northern Ghana’ In, Bea Lundt and Christoph Marx, Kwame Nkrumah Today. The Focus of the historical releases of Ranke Society (HMRG, Vol.28 )Franz Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart.

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S.A. Ntewusu (2014) ‘‘The road to development: The construction and use of ‘the Great North Road’ in Gold Coast,  Ghana, 1900-2000’’  Leiden: ASC Working Paper, Vol.114.

S.A. Ntewusu (2015) ‘The impact and legacies of German colonialism in Kete Krachi, North-Eastern Ghana. ASC Working Paper, Vol.121

S.A. Ntewusu, (2005), ‘In search of ethnic and political identity in an urban setting, the case of the Kotokoli of Ghana’, WARA Newsletter, Dakar/Boston

Fellowship year: 
Dr. S. (Samuel) Ntewusu
Former visiting fellow