Romborah Robert Simiyu

Robert Romborah Simiyu is a PhD candidate at Leiden University and based at African Studies Centre, Leiden. Simiyu earned a Master of Philisophy degree in human geography from Moi University in 2001, and teaches in the university's Department of Geography.

His research focus is on urban livelihood systems and the interaction of household livelihood strategies with urban planning and governance. His PhD research topic is Gender Dynamics of Urban Agriculture in Eldoret Municipality, Kenya. The study examines how gender dynamics shape the functioning of urban agriculture and the construction of livelihoods across urban space in the municipality. It is expected that the study will not only contribute to the understanding among policy makers, municipal authorities and other stakeholder of the importance of urban agriculture as a household livelihood system for farming households and the gender dynamics involved. It will also form the basis for, and spire a broad-based dialogue aimed at integrating urban agriculture in urban planning as well as mainstreaming specific gender interests into urban policy on urban agriculture and household livelihood systems generally, in order to achieve sustainable urban farming and food security.

Simiyu's research is funded by WOTRO and supervised by Dr. Dick Foeken (ASC, Leiden), Prof. Ton Dietz (ASC, Leiden), and Dr. Paul Omondi (Moi University, Kenya).

On Wednesday 5 December 2012 Robert Simiyu defended his dissertation at Leiden University.

R. (Robert) Simiyu
Former PhD candidate
+31 71 5273374