Moses Mwangi

Moses MwangiDr Moses Mwangi is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Hydrology and Aquatic Sciences at the South Eastern Kenya University. He has backgrounds in Water Engineering and, Water Resources Management. Added to his teaching, researching and outreach portfolios that Dr Mwangi performs at the university, he serves as the coordinator of the Nature Based Water Infrastructures for Global Goals (NaBWIG) project, Creating Postgraduate Collaboration (CPC) project and, the Innovation for Sustainability and Societal Relevance: Partnerships in Evidence-Based Higher Education on Food Systems and Climate Change (INSSPIRE) project. He has a particular interest in novelties of capacities to sustainably change the lives and livelihoods of the arid and semi-arid lands ecosystems, which has endeared him to various experiments in dew and fog harvesting for the dry areas of Kenya.

While at the ASCL in 2023, Dr Mwangi is principally engaged in researching on 1) the changing fortunes of the female gender in water resources management among the pastoralists of Kenya in light of the alterations in rangelands occupancy,  2) temporal shifts in water resource types as a result of pastoralists sedentalisation, 3) consequences of moving from the commons to privatisation of pastoral land on sand and sub-surface dams and, 4) whether water availability on pastoralists individual land parcels is a key driver in land use vicissitudes

During past fellowships, Dr Mwangi collaborated with Dr Marcel Rutten on the analysis and compilation of reports, info sheets and papers, based on the various researches and other undertakings that have been effected in the last three years in four river basins of the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs) of Kenya under the banner of Conflict and Cooperation over Natural Resources (CoCooN).

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Dr. M.N. (Moses) Mwangi
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