Jacqueline Kisato

Jacqueline Kisato is a lecturer in Fashion Marketing at Kenyatta University and a visiting fellow at Leiden University. She holds a PhD in E-Marketing in Fashion MSEs and is a Master trainer in entrepreneurship in partnership with a German university and UNESCO. Jacqueline’s research mainly focuses on E-marketing and sustainable entrepreneurship for micro and small enterprises in African countries. She has trained entrepreneurship trainers in universities, high school and civil society in various countries (Lesotho, Kenya, Uganda, Djibouti and Madagascar) since 2015. The entrepreneurship project is an evidence based project funded by UNESCO in partnership with various universities with a focus on action training. She is currently evaluating the impact of the training across Kenya, Djibouti and Madagascar since the inception of the training in 2016. The focus of her work is mainly researching on how to build sustainable and innovative businesses that leverage technology and have a positive impact on the environment.

Jacqueline is also currently principal investigator (PI) in a multi-disciplinary project on creating biodegradable packaging and sanitary towels from banana pseudo stems. This is a research based project funded by Kenya’s national funding agency NRF (National Research Fund-2020-2023) that aims at producing evidence based research, bio degradable sanitary towels and packaging, creating sustainable entrepreneurial ventures for women and youth and innovative business models that have a green footprint and positive environmental dividends.

Jacqueline has also published in entrepreneurship and e-Marketing. In 2021, she partnered with colleagues from USA and Kenya to author a handbook on the future of work and entrepreneurship for the underserved. This handbook gives an overview from different researchers and practitioners on how technological disruptions and post-Covid transformations are revolutionizing the enterprises across underserved communities in Africa, Asia and other continents in the 21st century. Jacqueline’s focus is to work in multidisciplinary projects that transform research into applied knowledge creating innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ventures for the youth, women and other marginalized groups in Africa.

Keywords: sustainable entrepreneurship, innovative, technology, environment, underserved communities.

Fellowship year: 
Dr. J. (Jacqueline) Kisato
Room number: 3A18