Iva Peša

Iva PešaIva Peša is a historian and carries out research on frugal innovations in Africa, particularly on the Zambian and Congolese Copperbelts.

Iva conducted PhD research at Leiden University on the social history of Mwinilunga District in North-Western Zambia, resulting in a thesis titled ‘Moving along the roadside:  A social history of Mwinilunga District, 1870s-1970s’ (to be defended 23 September).

Within the Centre for Frugal Innovation in Africa, which joins Leiden, Delft and Erasmus Universities, she will work on a theoretical framework and conduct research on the historical dimensions of frugal innovations. The focus will be on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and local development. These themes will be worked out through a case study of water, electricity and housing on the Zambian and Congolese Copperbelts. Next to research, Iva is involved in organising conferences and in teaching activities.

I. (Iva) Peša
Former research staff