Gaddafi Abubakar

Gaddafi Abubakar obtained his Bachelor of Arts Degree and Master of Arts, both in History, from Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria. He is an academic member of staff at his alma mater since April 2012, engaging in research, teaching and administration. His areas of interest include media history in Northern Nigeria, Kano emirate history and contemporary issues of Islam in Northern Nigeria. He has presented papers in national and international conferences that cut across these topics. Also, over the years, he personally documented a lot of primary sources including rare archival materials and media files on same and related topics.

Gaddafi's PhD project is on Radio in Northern Nigeria: A History of Propaganda, 1944-1979.

His published articles include:

Abubakar, G. , (2015). “British Colonial Government Dealings with the Emirs of Kano, 1914-1963: Revisiting Some Salient Issues” in T. Wuam and V. Egwemi (eds.) The 1914 Amalgamation and a Century of Nigerian Nationhood (Lagos: Bahiti&Dalila Publishers) pp.302-314

Abubakar, G. , (2015). “The Non-Dynastic Sullubawa Fulbe Clan in the Political History of Kano Emirate, 1819-1913: An Appraisal” in Kano Journal of History, 2 (1) pp. 115-130

Abubakar, G. , (2016). “A Historical Discourse on the Role of Wali Sulaiman (1890-1939) to the Development of Islamic Teaching and Scholarship in Kano” in al-Ijtihad Journal of the Integration of Knowledge and Development,14 (1) pp. 25-47

Abubakar, G., (2017). “An Assessment of the Role of Shaykh Usman El- Tayyeb (1919-2011) in the Consolidation of Nigeria-Sudan Relations” in Dirasat Ifriqiyya Journal of Centre for Research and African Studies, IUA, Sudan, 33 (58) pp. 41-58

Abubakar, G., (2018). “History of the Title of Sarkin Dawaki Mai Tuta in Kano Emirate 1916-2003” in Kaduna Journal of Humanities, 2 (2) pp.64-78