Angela Kronenburg García

Angela Kronenburg GarcíaAngela Kronenburg García is an anthropologist working at the ASC as a postdoctoral researcher.

She graduated in cultural anthropology from Leiden University, where she then worked as a teaching assistant at the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. While she was doing her PhD, she was attached to the Law & Governance in Africa Group at Wageningen University and affiliated to the ASC in Leiden. Her PhD was on land tenure transformation and forest conflicts among the agro-pastoral Loita Maasai in Kenya. In April 2015 she successfully defended her dissertation at Wageningen University.

As from March 2016, Angela combines her work at the ASC with a part-time job at Utrecht University, where she works as a postdoc on a research project on land governance, inclusive business and food security in Mozambique.

Angela has also done consultancy work in Kenya and in the Netherlands on gender, land governance and food security.

Dr. A. (Angela) Kronenburg
Former research staff
+31 (0)71 5276934
Room number: 3A18
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Food security and land governance factsheet Kenya
A. Kronenburg Garcia; G. Baltissen; G. Betsema; J. Schuurman
Type of Publication: Other

Booking and grabbing land: strategies of appropriation in Loita Maasailand, Kenya
A. Kronenburg Garcia
Editors: D. Chatty; T. Sternberg
Type of Publication: Book Chapter
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'Booking and grabbing land: strategies of appropriation in Loita Maasailand, Kenya'
In: D. Chatty; T. Sternberg: 'Modern pastoralism and conservation: old problems, new challenges', Cambridge: White Horse Press, 2013.
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LANDac, International Development Studies, Faculty of Geosciences, Human Geography & Planning (SGPL), Utrecht University, 2015.