CRG Seminar: Does Investor Origin Matter? The multidimensional well-being and mental health of female workers in foreign-owned flower farms and apparel factories in Ethiopia

This study by Dr Bilisuma Dito (Maastricht University) examines how investor origin and sector-specific factors affect the multidimensional well-being and mental health of female workers in foreign-owned flower and apparel sectors in Ethiopia. The study found that investor origin does not matter whereas having sufficient income for daily life is crucial for workers’ multidimensional well-being and mental health. It also found the positive role of financial support network and education on multidimensional wellbeing and the negative contributions of longer years of employment and frequent migration on mental health. The study raises a policy dilemma on how to improve worker well-being in cheap-labour dependent industries.



This event will take place physically in Leiden. Online attendance is not possible.

This seminar is organised by the CRG 'Governance, entrepreneurship and inclusive development'

Photo: UK Department for International Development (via Flickr).

Dr Bilisuma Dito is a Development Economist interested in studying individual’s well-being in their various familial, social, and normative contexts. Thematically, she studies this by focusing on Africans in their origin countries or in migratory contexts. Methodologically, she is interested in interdisciplinary and mixed-methods research. Dr Dito is also interested in bridging the gap between research and practice to enhance the social significance of her work by engaging in co-creation endeavors with policy makers and practitioners.



Date, time and location

21 February 2024
15.00 - 16:30
Pieter de la Courtgebouw / Faculty of Social Sciences, Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK Leiden
Room S.A35