Serena Adhiambo Adede Nasongo

Serena Adhiambo Adede Nasongo is a Ph.D. candidate in the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR) studies in University of Amsterdam. She is doing research on Institutions and governance issues in the Nyando wetlands, Kenya. In 2000 she graduated with an Mpil degree in Environmental Human Ecology from Moi University, thesis is entitled: Gender mainstreaming in the management of Nyando River wetlands, Kenya. She holds a BSc in Agriculture and Home Economics from Egerton University, Kenya and also a Post graduate Diploma in Education for Kenyatta University, Kenya.

Serena is an Associate researcher at Victoria Institute for Research, Environment and Development; a local NGO based in Kisumu County, Kenya. She is also involved in gender and livelihood issues with focus on the Nyando wetlands. She has been involved in many Trans-boundary studies around the Lake Victoria.

Her Ph.D. research project is entitled: Institutions and governance in the management of the Nyando wetlands. The project is part of a multi-disciplinary study called Ecology of Livelihoods in African Wetlands (ECOLIVE). The project has 3 PhD students looking at different aspects of the wetland namely PhD1 –Hydrology, PhD2 Ecology and PhD3 Socio-economic issues and a Post Doc.

The research aims at understanding the interplay between wetland resource use and the institutions and governance systems that can enable sustainable use of these wetlands which support the livelihoods of an estimated 12 million people.

WOTRO (the Netherlands Foundation for Research in the Tropics) supports this project under the Promotion of Prof. Ton Dietz and supervision of Dr Fred Zaal and Prof. J.B. Okeyo-Owuor.