Nelson Nkwor

Nelson Nwani Nkwor is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Banking & Finance, Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ndufu-Alike, Ebonyi State – Nigeria [AE-FUNAI]. He is involved in teaching, research and consultancy services. Nelson received his PhD from the Department of Banking & Finance (Specialty in Insurance Finance), University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus. He is a fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria with over a decade of industry experience. Nelson is an active member of the Research Scholars Forum, an interdisciplinary forum of Nigerian scholars around the world with a focus on tackling Nigerian/African challenges through research knowledge production and dissemination. He is the Program Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Skill (2019-date) – a flagship of the Federal Government of Nigeria that is aimed at equipping students with the relevant entrepreneurial skills necessary for self-reliance and hosted by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Employability, AE FUNAI.  

Nelson’s research interest spans insurance and risk management, climate change and entrepreneurial financing. He co-edited the book titled, Entrepreneurship: Perspective, Process & Practice. His scholarly outputs have been published in Thompson Reuter and Scopus index journals. More recent among them include:
*Arinze, A. C., Kalu, E. U., & Nkwor, N. N. (2018). Banks versus Markets: Do They Compete, Complement or Co-evolve in the Nigerian Financial System? An ARDL Approach. Research in International Business and Finance, 45, 427-434.
*Nkwor, N. N., & Ikpor, M. I. (2019). Firm Size and Growth: Testing the Gibrat’s Law in the Nigerian Life Insurance Industry. Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 27(3),212-2142.
*Nkwor, N. N. & Ezeoha, A. E. (2019). Entrepreneurship Funding and Financial Management In Entrepreneurship: Perspective, Process & Practice, (Ed), AE FUNAI Press.
*Ujunwa, A., Okoyeuzu, C., Nkwor, N. N., Ujunwa, A. (2021). Potential Impact of Climate Change and Armed Conflict on Inequality in Sub-Saharan Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 89(4), 480-498.
*Okoyeuzu, C.R., Ujunwa, A.I., Ujunwa, A., Nkwor, N.N., Kalu, E.U. & Al-Faryan, M.A.S. (2023). Interactive effects of armed conflict and climate change on gender vulnerability in Sub-Saharan Africa, International Journal of Social Economics,

While at the African Studies Centre, Nelson will be collaborating with Prof. Chibuike Uche and Dr. Akinyinka Akinyoade both of ASCL as well as Prof. Abel Ezeoha of AE FUNAI to complete a study on the drivers of multinationals' commitments to energy efficiency and climate responsibility in Africa, focusing on the cement manufacturing sector. If time permits, he will also evaluate the potential of index insurance as a game-changer in addressing climate-related risks facing farmers in Africa.


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Dr. N. (Nelson) Nkwor
Room number: 3A11