Bill Kinsey

Bill Kinsey has a depth of policy-oriented and practical experience in Southern Africa and 35 years of government, academic, research and project experience in Zimbabwe. He has a deep awareness of the Zimbabwean economy, particularly issues related to food and nutrition, agriculture, land, the environment, and poverty, and has long periods of engagement with rural communities. He also has extensive consultancy, training and mentoring, publication, and advocacy experience. And he directs the longest panel study ever undertaken in Southern Africa, an innovative investigation that has yielded far-reaching, multi-disciplinary insights into the broad consequences of land reform and food, health and environmental emergencies in Zimbabwe. He is the recipient of 13 major awards and national/international research honors/fellowships and numerous research grants and is a member or Fellow of 19 professional bodies.

He received his PhD in development economics and two Masters (anthropology and agricultural economics) from Stanford University. He is currently working on two volumes: one on the long-term changes in wellbeing from agrarian reform in Zimbabwe and the other on the failure of food security interventions to improve child nutrition in Africa and Asia. His research interests centre on land reform and resettlement, poverty, rural livelihoods, and food and nutrition.

Dr. B.H. (Bill) Kinsey
Retired research fellow