The new students have started!

The Master and Research Master African Studies, as well as the LDE minors African Dynamics and Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Development for the academic year 2022-2023 have started! The 18 Master and Research Master students in African Studies (picture left) were welcomed by various staff members during an introduction day on 7 September, including Research Master chair Azeb Amha, Master chair Karin Nijenhuis, coordinator of studies Ruben van Gaalen, and ASCL director Marleen Dekker. Divided into two groups in the morning, the Master and Research Master students met each other, got familiar with the programme and attended a first introductory lecture. From lunch on, the two groups were together. Among other things, they learned how to research Africa on the internet, they got an ASCL library tour and research experiences were presented by a few current and past students, followed by Q&A. The day was closed by drinks.

On 1 September, the 24 students of the Leiden-Delft Erasmus (LDE) minor African Dynamics (picture right) were introduced to the programme by Marleen Dekker. This was followed by introductory talks from Taslim Alade (Erasmus University), Rob van Tulder (Erasmus University) and Maurits Ertsen (TU Delft), a guided visit to the ASCL library, and a walking discovery of ‘Africa in Leiden’.

The 33 students of the LDE minor Frugal Innovation for Sustainable Global Development (picture below) were introduced to the minor programme on 5 September by André Leliveld (ASCL), Peter Knorringa (Erasmus University), Cees van Beers (TU Delft), and Betty Huerta (Leiden University). They did various games to get to know each other better. We wish all 75 students success and learning pleasure during their studies!