Crime in Africa

The final book by the late Stephen Ellis, This Present Darkness: A History of Nigerian Organised Crime, was launched at the ASCL on 9 June. The book describes Nigerian organised crime from its origins in the last years of colonial rule, to the moment it went global. To mark this occasion, the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier on crime in Africa, with a special focus on Nigeria. The dossier is divided into four thematic chapters, containing titles from our Library catalogue published from 2010. Each title links to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, which provides abstracts and full text access, when available. The dossier opens with a personal word on Stephen Ellis by ASCL director Ton Dietz, and a thematic introduction on crime and the quest for integrity by ASCL researcher Chibuike Uche. It concludes with links to a number of relevant websites.

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A tribute to Stephen Ellis

This Present Darkness. A History of Nigerian Organised Crime is Stephen Ellis’ last book, published in April 2016, by Hurst, the publisher of several of Stephen’s books. Stephen died in July 2015 and was working on this book almost to the end. This web dossier accompanies the official launch of the book at the ASCL, the Centre where Stephen worked on his many research projects over the years.

Stephen has always had an interest in the hidden sides of African society. Before he came to Leiden he was the editor of Africa Confidential, the journal that uncovers Africa’s secrets. Later, he studied the war in Liberia, where the state had become criminal and its leaders thrived because of their involvement in warfare, smuggling, and everything else that could be regarded as ‘illegal’.

Stephen Ellis was born in Nottingham, UK, on 13 June 1953. He studied modern history at the University of Oxford and did his doctoral exam there in 1981. He studied a revolt in Madagascar in the late 1890s, which was published by Cambridge University Press in 1985 as Rising of the Red Shawls. Later, he published a book about Madagascar in French, Un Complot à Madagascar, (Karthala 1990). In 1979-1980 he worked as a lecturer at the University of Madagascar, but that was not his first time in Africa: when he was eighteen years old he worked as a teacher in Douala, Cameroon. Between 1982 and 1986 he was head of the African sub-region at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International in London, followed by a position as Editor for the Africa Confidential newsletter. In 1991-1994 Stephen became the General Secretary and later Director of the African Studies Centre in Leiden, followed by an assignment for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for the Global Coalition for Africa; this resulted in his book Africa Now, published in 1996) and a position as senior researcher at the ASC. He was also appointed Desmond Tutu Professor at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam in 2008 for two days per week.

Stephen Ellis was the ASC’s most prominent scholar, and one of the key researchers in African Studies in the world. The ASC Library has over 80 of his publications, many of which deal with recent or historical political developments in Africa or, often together with his partner Gerrie ter Haar, about religion in Africa. He wrote most extensively about South Africa, Madagascar, Liberia and Nigeria, but also about Togo, Zambia, and Sierra Leone. Stephen Ellis’ personal page at Google Scholar shows that, to date, his publications have been cited by more than 5000 colleagues. His most popular book is The Criminalization of the State in Africa, which he wrote together with Jean-François Bayart and Béatrice Hibou, published in 1999 (after a French version that was published two years earlier). Other books that became famous include The Mask of Anarchy: The destruction of Liberia and the religious dimension of an African civil war (2001), Worlds of Power: Religious thought and political practice in Africa (together with Gerrie ter Haar, 2004) and Comrades against Apartheid: The ANC & the South African Communist Party in exile (together with Tsepo Sechaba, 1992). Among his recent publications are: External Mission: The ANC in exile, 1960-1990 (2013), Season of Rains: Africa in the world (2012; there is also a Dutch version, Het Regenseizoen) and West Africa’s International Drug Trade (2009).

Christopher Clapham, a scholar at the University of Cambridge, describes how many of Stephen’s interests come together in his last book, about the history of organised crime in Nigeria: “This is quite simply a dynamite book, striking first of all for the sheer depth of research that has gone into it. It is remarkable, too, in the way that it is able to fir this material into a bigger picture, created not only by a thorough familiarity with Nigerian history and politics, but also by an awareness especially of the spiritual dimensions of Nigerian life, and the ways in which these feed through into crime as well as virtually every other aspect of Nigerian affairs.”

Ton Dietz
African Studies Centre Leiden

Crime in Africa and the quest for integrity

Crime generally denotes an unlawful act punishable by the state, which is supposed to be the most potent vehicle for fighting and curtailing misconduct. This explains the normative assumption that the integrity of the state and its institutions should never be compromised. This has, however, not been the case in many African countries.

Since the attainment of political independence, many African states have been ravaged by corruption. Strong leaders and their parochial interests have hindered the development of strong institutions and the promotion of the common good. The preponderance of weak institutions reduces the chances of offenders ever being brought to justice. This encourages the proliferation of all manner of social and economic crimes.

For a long time, some influential foreign powers tolerated corrupt African leaders, in part because of their reluctance to pry into the internal affairs of independent nation states. Under the above scenario, corruption gained legitimacy and became institutionalised. Tiny Rowland, the controversial head of Lonrho, which was the biggest multinational company operating across Africa in the 1960s and 1970s, once asserted that African leaders “are so corrupt that that there’s not a single one of them I could not buy.”

Corruption in Africa has also been exacerbated by spells of military regimes across the continent. In the case of Nigeria, for instance, Stephen Ellis asserted that the military regime of General Babangida (1985-1992) “marked a transformation in Nigeria’s already notorious corruption, turning it into a generalized instrument of government” (African Affairs: (2009), vol. 108, no. 431, pp. 171-196). Although most African countries have now embraced democracy, with its inbuilt checks and balances, the quality of their institutions remains weak.

Despite the above troubling state of affairs, there is hope on the horizon. A small but increasing number of countries in the continent have, for instance, witnessed democratic transitions from a governing party to the opposition party. Examples of countries that have achieved this milestone include Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Nigeria.

The increasing realisation that bad governance practices in corrupt, underdeveloped countries could have repercussions in third countries, has made the world less tolerant of leaders who are unable to justify their continued stay in power on the basis of the will of the majority of their people. Slowly, the interests of the people are gradually becoming a factor in the determination of the governance direction in Africa. This is a necessary prerequisite for the emergence of leaders with integrity and the development of strong institutions. At another level, increasing international cooperation and enhanced scrutiny against cross-border financial flows have made it more difficult for African leaders to hide the proceeds of their corrupt practices abroad. Albeit slowly, change is coming to Africa.

Chibuike Uche
African Studies Centre Leiden

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Web resources

CLEEN Foundation
The CLEEN Foundation (formerly known as the Centre for Law Enforcement Education) is a Nigerian NGO established in January 1998 with a mission to promote public safety, security and accessible justice through the strategies of empirical research, legislative advocacy, demonstration programmes and publications, in partnership with government and civil society. Their website offers access to many publications, including full text books.

Institute for Security Studies (ISS Africa)
ISS Africa is an organization that aims to enhance human security in Africa. It works across the continent, doing research, providing expert policy advice, and delivering practical training and technical assistance. The ISS has divisions on Governance, crime and justice and Transnational threats and international crime. On their website you can find many of their publications on these subjects in full text.

International Peace Institute
The International Peace Institute (IPI) is an independent, international not-for-profit think tank dedicated to managing risk and building resilience to promote peace, security, and sustainable development. One of the research topics of the International Peace Institute is transnational organized crime. A search on their website returns many online publications in relation to Africa.

Nigeria Watch
This research project monitors lethal violence, conflicts, and human security in Nigeria. It began in July 2006 and is now based on the campus of the University of Ibadan and, since July 2013, has had the support of the French Institute for Research in Africa (IFRA-Nigeria). The Nigeria Watch website gives access to a database monitoring homicides and violent deaths in Nigeria, in order to provide statistics, set up a GIS to localise dangerous spots, and to assess the rise, decline or stabilisation of violence in Nigeria. The site also offers access to downloads of their annual reports, working papers, and other published works.

UNAFRI Digital Repository
The UNAFRI (United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders) Digital Repository includes all UNAFRI publications since 1991 and publications from sister institutions and the United Nations. It covers topics like crime prevention, treatment of offenders, and the criminal justice system.

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) - Data for Africa
The UNODC website contains links to many open access publications in their areas of interest, such as corruption, drug and human trafficking, transnational crime, etc. Their 2005 initiative Data for Africa had the objective to improve knowledge on drugs and crime phenomena in Africa, and aimed to enhance capacity of African countries to collect and analyse data and trends in drugs, crime, and victimisation. There is a special section on the website containing publications from the Data for Africa programme.