Africa-Asia relations

China's second continent book coverThe ASC's 2015 Stephen Ellis Annual Lecture will take place on 10 December. This year’s lecture is given by journalist, author, and photographer Howard W. French. He will talk about the processes that began drawing large numbers of new Chinese migrants to Africa in the early to mid-1990s, and address the question of the global geopolitical and economic setting that pushed events in this direction. Howard French is the author of China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants are Building a New Empire in Africa, which was published by Knopf in May 2014.

The relationship between Africa and China and other Asian powers, features heavily in the ASC Library collection. It is also a subject well represented in ASC research, including in the ASC research collaborative group ‘Africa in the world’. This project aims to explore Africa’s changing global linkages in an increasingly multi-polar world, in which actors such as China, India, Turkey and the Gulf States are major players.

In this context, the ASC Library, in connection with ‘Africa in the world’, has compiled a web dossier on Africa-Asia Relations. The web dossier starts with an introduction to the subject by Mayke Kaag. It contains titles from the Library catalogue published in the past five years. Titles are divided thematically, then by country or region. Each title links to the corresponding record in the Library’s online catalogue, which provides abstracts and full text links (if available). The dossier concludes with links to a number of relevant websites.

International relations - General / China / India / Near East
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The increased engagement of Asian powers with Africa over the last two decades has led to a plethora of studies analysing the evolving relationships from a variety of angles. It is clear that China and Chinese economic and political strategies in Africa have caught the greatest attention, India coming second at a substantial distance with increasing competition from emerging powers like South Korea, Turkey, Malaysia and others.

The early wave of publications tended to focus on the Asian actor engaging with Africa (or a specific African country) and to take the state level as the unit of analysis. Apparently  surprised by the ‘new’ Asian presence in Africa, they  lack historical consciousness and, in the West, were often characterised by a sense of alarmism. These early studies have increasingly given way to more balanced and diversified approaches that, for instance, account for the diversity of Chinese actors beyond the central State engaging with Africa, and that also offer more space to the study of African agency in the building of Africa-Asia relations. In particular, ethnographic research on day-to-day interactions between African and Asian actors in specific settings (market places, schools, but also more intimate settings like the family) adds an important layer to more meso and macro studies on economic and political ties. 

Historical studies are important for showing that Africa-Asia relations are not a new phenomenon. Indeed, current relationships often build and expand on older economic, political and cultural ties and social networks, for instance precolonial connections across the Indian Ocean and between North Africa and South East Asia/Middle East, Lebanese migrant communities in West Africa established during the colonial era, and relations forged during the Cold War between China and countries like Tanzania and the DRG.

Current migration flows from Asians to Africa and from Africans to Asia for such diverse reasons as education, work, and family, and how these co-shape Africa-Asia relationships will be an important field of study in the years to come.

Finally, the titles in this web dossier illustrate the increasing interaction and collaboration between scholars of African and Asian Studies. This, alongside initiatives to bring together researchers across continents working on Africa, Asia and their connections, will enhance the study of Africa-Asia relationships in the near future.

Mayke Kaag
African Studies Centre, Leiden

International relations

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International relations - China

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Web resources

Afrasian Center for Peace and Development Studies, Ryukoku University (Japan)
The Afrasian Centre for Peace and Development Studies, carries out interdisciplinary research in the area of conflict resolution. In addition to general information, their website gives access to Afrasia Working Papers.

Africa-Asia Conference
Organized by A-Asia in cooperation with the International Convention of Asian Scholars (ICAS), ‘AFRICA – ASIA’, held in Accra, Ghana, from 24 to 26 September 2015, was the first ever conference held in Africa bringing together a multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, ensemble of scholars and institutions sharing focus on Asia and Asia-Africa intellectual interactions. You can find the conference programme and abstracts below.

Africa’s Asian Options (AFRASO)
AFRASO is an interdisciplinary and transregional collaborative research project at Goethe University, Frankfurt. AFRASO started on 1 February 2013 and carries out research on new interactions between Africa and Asia in comparative and transregional perspective. You can find talks, publications and research blogs on their website.

African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO)
African - Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO) is an autonomous inter-governmental organization comprising thirty members from Africa and Asia, devoted to develop understanding among members and to exploring opportunities for coordination of efforts.

Association for Asian Studies in Africa (AASIA)
The Association of Asian Studies in Africa (AASIA) was founded at the 2012 roundtable, ‘Asian Studies in Africa’, held in Chisamba, Zambia. The AASIA is dedicated to the capacity enhancement of institutions, programmes, and scholars. You can find out more about their activities on their webpages.

Ehime University Africa-Asia Centre (Japan)
The Asia-Africa Center promotes improvements to Ehime University's international capabilities by fostering international human resources through cooperation in education and research in Asia and Africa based on Ehime University's strategy for internationalization.

Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC)
This website provides information about the FOCAC-conferences, as well as up-to-date information about China’s different forms of cooperation with Africa, and relevant links.

India-Africa connect
India-Africa Connect provides news and information on India and the growing India-Africa engagement. Also see their online journal Africa Quarterly.

Institute for Security Studies
The publications-page of the Institute for Security Studies holds some interesting links to recent publications on Africa-China relations.

Institute of West-Asian and African Studies (China)
The Institute of West-Asian and African Studies (IWAAS) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) is the largest academic institution and think-tank on Middle East and African studies in China. Various activities and academic publications can be found via their web pages.

International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS): Asian Studies in Africa
Since 2010, IIAS, a Leiden Global partner of the ASC, along with partners from Africa, Asia and the US have been working on an initiative to promote the study of and teaching on Asia at African universities and, equally, to promote African Studies in Asia.

Korea Institute for Development Strategy (KDS)
On the KDS regional pages for the Middle East and North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa, you can find links to (information on) their projects in these areas.

South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA)
The South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) keeps an information portal called the 'China-Africa Toolkit'.

Stellenbosch University Centre for Chinese Studies (South Africa)
The Centre for Chinese Studies (CCS), at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, serves as a point of reference for the study of China and East Asia on the African continent. Their website offers a weekly briefing of relevant issues and links to the African East-Asian Affairs (AEAA) journal.

Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD)
The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) pages of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs offer information on the conference and related documents.