Initiating and sustaining developmental regimes in Africa

Initiating and sustaining developmental regimes in Africa brings together Tracking Development, led by the African Studies Centre in Leiden, Netherlands together with the University of Leiden’s leading specialists in Southeast Asian studies, and Africa Power and Politics, led by the Overseas Development Institute, London.

Developmental Regimes in Africa (DRA) explores the policies and governance conditions that are needed if Africa is to match the economic and social achievements of Southeast Asia. It stimulates debate on the vital implications of research findings on this issue for the future of development in Africa. DRA is funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

DRA's four research streams:

  • Islands of state effectiveness and African agriculture: led by Professor Ton Dietz and Dr André Leliveld, African Studies Centre, Leiden
  • Leadership succession and sustainability of developmental regimes: led by Dr Tim Kelsall, APPP Senior Researcher
  • Regime origins and incentives: led by Professor David Henley, Leiden University
  • Making the world safe for developmental regimes: led by Dr David Booth, APPP/ODI Research Fellow.

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Research project
2012 to 2016

Senior researchers

External affiliates

David Henley (Leiden University)
David Booth (APPP/ODI Research Fellow)
Tim Kelsall (APPP Senior Researcher)


Subsaharan Africa; Asia; development; research

Funding and cooperation


Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Overseas Development Institute (ODI) [et al.]