Trans-species perspectives on African Studies

In the last couple of decades an ‘animal turn’ has taken place in the social sciences. There is good reason for this: Scientific evidence now abundantly and convincingly shows that humans and animals only differ in degree and not in kind. As a result it has become evident that ‘the social’ (in the social sciences), cannot be assumed to be uniquely human. It has led to a call to study and research social issues by including non-human animal perspectives. It is high time that African Studies joins the chorus of minds that try to contribute to these multilayered and multifaceted debates. 
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Read the article 'Should elephants be considered refugees?' by Brandon Keim in Anthropocene.

Read the article 'Time to stop pretending we don’t know other animals are sentient beings', by Marc Bekoff in Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling.

Read the book review on Olivier van Beemen's 'Ondernemers in het wild. Het ontluisterende verhaal van een club witte weldoeners in Afrika' (2024) by Harry Wels.


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