Retrospective ASCL 75th anniversary celebration

The ASCL celebrated its 75th anniversary on 8 September 2022 at Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden. We look back on a festive day with many interesting discussions with our societal partners, alumnae of African Studies, colleagues from several universities, students and other people interested in Africa and/or the work of the ASCL. Take a look at the photos below, or see the photo album on Facebook. On Facebook you can also find a video of the performance by spoken word artist Yero Gaynaako from Mauritania. 

(Photo left: Chibuike Uche and Blandina Kilama. Credit: Monique Shaw)

Read a longer report of the day

Read Jan Abbink's speech on the development of the ASCL's research agenda (PDF).
Take a look at the posters presenting examples of the ASCL's research, library and education programmes.
Read more about the 25 special items from the ASCL Library that were on display.
Read Gerard van de Bruinhorst's presentation on 75 years of library collection development (PDF).
Read the thesis of Africa Thesis Award 2021 winner Tamia Botes (open access).

Click on a photo below to see the enlarged photos (credit: Monique Shaw).

  • A word of welcome from ASCL Director Marleen Dekker.
  • Annetje Ottow, President of Leiden University's Executive Board, congratulates the ASCL.
  • The Board of the ASCL: Paul Wouters (Dean Faculty of Social Sciences), Joanne van der Leun (Dean Law Faculty), and Mark Rutgers (Dean Faculty of Humanities).
  • ASCL researcher Chibuike Uche on the history of Dutch interest in Africa.
  • ASCL researcher Jan Abbink giving a historical overview of the ASCL and its research agenda.
  • Question from the audience: Jenneke van der Wal from Leiden University Centre for Linguisitics.
  • Question from the audience: Blandina Kilama, PhD alumna of the ASCL.
  • Leo de Haan (former ASCL director), ASCL researcher Akinyinka Akinyoade and Walter Nkwi (Faculty of Humanities)
  • Societal panel moderated by Akinyinka Akinyoade: with Arie van der Wiel (Stichting Afrika-Studiecentrum), Rosmarijn Fens (NABC), Annegina Randewijk (journalist Nederlands Dagblad), and Paul Litjens (formerly Ministry of Foreign Affairs). A video message from Angélique Mbundu of iAfricaFilm was shared.
  • PhD alumna Julie Ndaya (middle).
  • Gerda Hooghordel (PhD alumna) and Gerrie ter Haar, Honorary fellow of the ASCL, having a good time.
  • Performance by spoken word artist Yero Gaynaako from Mauritania.
  • Heleen Smits of the ASCL Library introducing the audience to the ins and outs of the work of cataloguing.
  • Gerard van de Bruinhorst of the ASCL Library on 75 years of collection development.
  • Andrea Stultiens, who has a background as a photographer, presenting her work as an artist, for which she accessed the collection of Sjoerd Hofstra's photos from Sierra Leone 1934-1936 (made available to Wikimedia Commons by ASCL library staff).
  • Tamia Botes receives the Africa Thesis Award 2021 from Lotje de Vries, chair of the jury, for her MA thesis ‘Where have the midwives gone? Everyday histories of voetvroue in Johannesburg’, written at Wits University. Congrats!
  • Tamia Botes giving a presentation on her MA thesis research.
  • The current chair of the Africa Thesis Award, Lotje de Vries (Wageningen University) thanks the former chair, Yves van Leynseele (University of Amsterdam).
  • Karin Nijenhuis (ASCL) moderating a panel of alumnae of African Studies of Leiden University: how have their professional careers benefited from their studies? With Ileen Wilke (International Fertilizer Development Center, Ghana), Blandina Kilama (economic advisor to the President of Tanzania), Lidewyde Berckmoes (Assistant Professor ASCL/Leiden University), Margot Leegwater (Projectleider Platform 31), and joining online: Femke van Zeijl (journalist/writer in Nigeria).
  • Closing remarks: Marleen Dekker and Dirk Jan Koch (Wageningen University, and chief science officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • Posters presenting examples of the ASCL's research, education and library programmes.
  • Jos Damen, head of the ASCL Library.
  • 25 special items from the ASCL Library collection on display, including the very earliest.
  • Ella Verkaik and Machteld Oosterkamp from the ASCL Library.