A window on Africa: African Studies Centre Leiden's 75th anniversary celebration

The African Studies Centre Leiden celebrated its 75th anniversary at Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden on 8 September 2022. It was a festive day with colleagues, students, alumni, and societal partners. This ASCL Occasional Publication presents the keynote speeches of the day, giving insight into the Centre’s rich past and present research, education, library and societal activities. In addition, it showcases the ASCL Library’s special items from the collection that were exhibited. From a historical perspective, the publication is a valuable follow-up to the jubilee book Leer mij Afrika kennen: vijftig jaar Afrika-Studiecentrum, written on the occasion of the ASC’s 50th anniversary in 1998.

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Author(s) / editor(s)

Fenneken Veldkamp and Germa Seuren (editors)

About the author(s) / editor(s)

Fenneken Veldkamp is web editor and communication advisor at the African Studies Centre Leiden. 

Germa Seuren works as information specialist at the ASCL Library.

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