Let the games continue - seriously!

Serious Games are interactive digital experiences designed to transfer knowledge and create awareness in an engaging and enjoyable setting. In higher education, these games are increasingly acknowledged as innovative and effective teaching tools offering dynamic learning experiences that complement traditional lectures and textbooks and enhance comprehension and retention of subject matter. They cater for diverse learning styles, making them inclusive and accessible, and additionally foster collaboration, teamwork, and adaptability - crucial skills for success in academia and professional working environments. On Tuesday 19 September and Friday 22 September the Frugal Innovation and African Dynamics minor students played two different Serious Games to conclude their first courses. Through immersing students in complex scenarios relevant to their field of study, students were prompted to apply what they have learnt so far this semester.

Uhuru is a multi-player card game that centres around approaches to tackling wicked problems in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is a fun way to discover the subsequent trade-offs between the State, market and civil societies whilst endeavoring to balance People, Planet and Prosperity.

2030 SDGs Game
The 2030 SDGs Game simulates taking the ‘real world’ into the year 2030. It creates an awareness of what is currently going on, creates an opportunity to observe our responses and experience our powers to create a better world as envisaged in Agenda 2030.

The integration of serious games into our courses is a pioneering educational approach that aligns with the changing needs of modern learners. In the coming week the African Studies masters student will also have the opprotunity to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in a safe virtual environment.