Deadline registration ASC & UvA lecture series: And Now Africa

  • Port of Luanda, Angola, February 2013 (photo Fabio Vanin)

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Amsterdam and the African Studies Centre in Leiden are organizing the lecture series And Now Africa for students and professionals who are interested in understanding more about the continent. The course will provide food for thought about the context of 'Africa rising' or 'emerging Africa'. Indeed, the growth figures for Africa have been impressive during the last decade, and despite turmoil and crises (Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, the Ebola-outbreak, crises in Mali and South Sudan) business is thriving and companies from all over the world come to Africa to explore the new possibilities. Europe has to rethink its position towards Africa.

The course will provide a sense of context to all participants: Africa is rising, but for whom? Where and how does economic growth take place and can it be seen as real transformation? What about the consequences of continued rapid population growth and urbanization? What about the youth revolution? What about culture and religion?

During the course, debates will take place on the basis of:
(a) recent literature (which will include the newest Africa Yearbook)
(b) lectures given by prominent scholars based in the Netherlands (including African scholars)
(c) public interviews with prominent practitioners based in the Netherlands (including African diaspora).

The course offers:
1. knowledge about Africa's recent developments and the context to understand and interpret Africa's current development acceleration
2. a multidisciplinary assessment of the various 'frames' which are used by people from different disciplinary backgrounds
3. a combination of scientific and practical knowledge, lectures and debate
4. a solid basis (at Bachelor's level) for continued interest in Africa at Master's level and beyond, or for people who want to use this course to enlighten and inspire their practical engagement with Africa.

Among the lecturers are:
Prof Ton Dietz, dr. Nicky Pouw, dr. Karen Witsenburg, dr. Karin Nijenhuis

Registration and more information about the course and fees
Registration deadline: 26 January 2015
Start of the series: 3 February 2015
Duration: 15 weeks
Language: English



Date, time and location

26 January 2015
University of Amsterdam

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