Women in Muslim Africa

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On 21 and 22 September the workshop Global and Local Political Debates over Women’s Rights, and Everyday Life in Muslim Africa, jointly organised by the CRGs Collaboration and Contestation in Words and Africa in the World, will take place. This workshop will include a public keynote lecture by Dr Joseph Hill, entitled: Muslim Women’s Interpretive Authority Reconsidered: Everyday interpretation among female Islamic leaders in Senegal.

To coincide with these events, the ASCL Library has compiled a web dossier on women in Muslim Africa, including titles on Muslim women’s rights, everyday lives, and global and local political discourses around this subject. It consists of titles from the ASCL Library Catalogue, complemented by sources available through the broader Leiden University Library collection. Titles link to the corresponding record in the online catalogue, providing  abstracts and full text links, where available. The web dossier concludes with a selection of links to relevant websites.

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All across the world, political debates over women’s rights and emancipation figure widely in the headlines of media outlets. Family legislation in particular has often led and continues to lead to fierce contestations between the State and religious authorities. Why do such contestations keep flaring up? What are the global and local forces that shape these debates today? The vehement nature of these public discussions has ensured wide attention, both from scholars and in popular media. Yet, what has often remained underexplored are the links between such debates and people’s everyday lives. So how do these debates relate to people’s everyday experiences and changing modalities of being Muslim?

The workshop Global and Local Political Debates over Women’s Rights, and Everyday Life in Muslim Africa aims to turn away from the headlines to focus on the women and men who are the subject of these debates. It seeks to explore how people’s everyday engagements co-constitute these discourses and attempts to gain a more complete understanding of the relations between the local and global forces that shape them.

Although public debates on gender contribute to the tensions that people navigate in their day-to-day lives, they do not determine them. The links between intricate public polemics, often fuelled by national and global political dynamics and everyday life, are complex. What are the connections and disconnections between such debates and the ways in which people shape their lives and engage with others on a daily basis?

The public keynote lecture by Dr Joseph Hill, University of Alberta, focuses on female leaders in the Fayḍa Tijāniyya Sufi community in Senegal who swiftly, and strikingly uncontroversially, took on visible leadership roles starting around 2000. Understanding today’s broader religious and social changes requires looking beyond the few interpretations that get recorded in the formal exegetical literature, and Dr. Hill’s analysis draws on an ethnographic study to observe gendered exegesis as a daily social activity in which diverse players interpret authoritatively in day-to-day encounters. Dr Hill's previous explanations of this phenomenon downplayed textual debates in favour of observing how people subtly reconfigure established norms to accommodate changing social realities. Still, as he shows, exegesis of the Quran and other texts remains an important means for women to justify, understand, and shape their authority.

The literature and other sources in this web dossier offer a background against which these important issues can be viewed and explored further.


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Web resources

The Federation of Muslim Women's Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN)
The Federation of Muslim Women's Associations in Nigeria (FOMWAN) is an umbrella body for Muslim Women Associations in Nigeria. FOMWAN propagates the religion of Islam and aims to improve the socio-economic status of especially women, youths and children through training, provision of qualitative education, health and humanitarian services, micro-enterprise scheme and advocacy.

sister-hood is a digital magazine spotlighting the diverse voices of women of Muslim heritage. Its ambassadors and contributors include many women activists from Muslim Africa.

Women in Islam - blog
The website of the Women in Islam journal, includes a blog with freely available opinion articles, and recordings of several webinars.

The Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa (SIHA) Network is an indigenous African women’s rights network, created by women activists from Somaliland, Ethiopia, and Sudan. Its website includes a library section with publications and videos.

The Muslim Women Times (TMWT)
TMWT is an independent media platform spotlighting the stories of Muslim women focusing on essays that incorporate anything from social justice and institutional corruption to wellbeing, history and Muslim women’s rights.

Musawah ('equality' in Arabic) is a global movement for equality and justice in the Muslim family, comprised of NGOs, activists, scholars, legal practitioners, policy makers, and grassroots women and men from around the world. Their website includes many resources on the subject.

Women living under Muslim laws
Women Living Under Muslim Laws (WLUML) is a transnational feminist solidarity network that promotes human rights and gender justice and equality for women whose lives are shaped, conditioned or governed by patriarchal and/or authoritarian interpretations of Islam.